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Who such Cheburashka?

Ya was once a strange toy anonymous to which

K in shop nobody will suit.

Now I am a Cheburashka, and each mongrel

At a meeting gives a paw at once.

to my mother will be Soon thirty six years old.

Let a little strange will seem to you the beginning of article about the Cheburashka, - of course, my mother is not similar to it in any way, unless just a little a smile and on age.

Yes, already thirty six years the Cheburashka and his friends do not leave screens of TVs and that the most important, our hearts.

I since the childhood remember his kind eyes and I do not doubt that to everyone who was born and grew up in the Soviet Union though something, in own way unique, the Cheburashka was remembered. At everyone it is even associated with something special, such already far and native, same warm, close, fluffy and big-eared - with a sweet smell of the childhood, with school, with friendship and, maybe, even with someone`s ears or a smile!

It is possible to tell with confidence that to everyone who remembers it obligatory becomes warmer and is lighter at heart, and to everyone - everyone in the best it is trusted .

Thanks to his creators Eduard Nikolaevich Uspensky and Roman Abelevich Kachanov, and not only from little admirers of the Cheburashka, but also from the same number of adults who love this hero not less than children even if it is no more because with it all learned not only to laugh and enjoy life, but also to be on friendly terms!

And you know why it has such strange name?

- Of course! - you can exclaim (if you the resident of Nizhny Novgorod or the reader of the dictionary of Dahl).

And those who did not exclaim learn the truth too, Eduard Nikolaevich Uspensky calls two reasons of an origin of a name and the hero Cheburashki. In the childhood the writer had

the rejected toy. Not a bear cub, not a hare, with large ears. He also called him the Cheburashka, but there is the second version as Eduard Nikolaevich thought up the first especially for children. Other " version; father Cheburashki brought into interview to the Nizhny Novgorod newspaper:

I came on a visit to the friend, and his little daughter tried on a fluffy fur coat which trudged on a floor . The little girl constantly fell, faltering about a fur coat. And her father after the next falling exclaimed: Oh, it cheburakhnutsya again! . This word was engraved to me in the memory, I asked its value. It turned out that to cheburakhnutsya - it to mean to fall . And there was a name of my hero .

And in the book it is described so: it could not be kept by

In a box with oranges in which our hero traveled to children`s toy store on the place and all the time turned over, fell and moved from place to place - that is, all the time strove to cheburakhnutsya :

- Faugh you, what Cheburashka! - the director of shop told about it, - at all cannot sit in place!

So our small animal also learned that his name - the Cheburashka Now I already know

how it is correct to present to mother a gift - a soft toy - the Cheburashka - surely in a box with oranges!

In the childhood the Cheburashka was very not lucky with housing, after a box he moved in a phone booth, then in grocery store and later in kindergarten, but there are still places of its dwelling!

It not only hearts of people which are loved by this touching character, but also Ramenskoye situated near Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod - the word " homeland; to cheburakhat where the monument to the Cheburashka and his friends will be established on Children`s Day on June 1 in 2007.

Instead of a box with oranges the monument will have a heating and a delivery service of letters to the Cheburashka which will be transferred to Eduard Nikolaevich Uspensky.

The Cheburashka is popular not only in the homeland, and and is far beyond its limits.

But all - love it really and only compatriots, that is, all of us can understand.

Here and in 2006 the Cheburashka became a mascot of Russian Olympic national team at the Winter Olympic Games, and not for nothing there is a set of jokes and jokes about is mute (which call cheburdota ), it always brings good mood!