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What prevents us to make conceived?

If you in the head have many fine plans much, but they do not receive the real embodiment; if from time to time pursues you creative stupor and you hang in the middle of begun; if it is difficult to you to finish business, then for certain you sin with a bouquet of addictions, each of which, at desire, it is very easy to overcome. Sometimes it is enough to look only properly with it in eyes.

A habit to marry

If you possess ability to begin with pleasant, and to turn it in obligatory, it will be useful for you to learn that not all cases should be considered from the useful point of view. Some, alas, are intended only for your pleasure, and spoil, it is worth constructing far-reaching plans into their account.

A habit to marry conceived - no other than attempt to conclude fascinating idea in in a framework of the serious project with a set own, not having any relation to an initial message, is more whole. As marriage - not the only form of love, both love - not indispensable attribute of marriage, and beautiful idea is not necessarily equal to the project within which you try to realize it. Do not confuse idea and realization, stop to look at any business as on business of all your life, dismiss yourself from obligatory invaluable result of your works - wean to marry everything that comes to your mind, and there will be to you happiness.

A habit to have breakfast

the Breakfast - it on that and a breakfast that always tomorrow.

It not that now it is important . There are more urgent things . Caught themselves behind repetition of one of these mantras - remember: you and only you define importance and urgency of this or that business. And your irrepressible desire to be engaged just a moment in something frivolous - whether an indicator of its importance and urgency for you?

Always there is something that can be made today. It is better to make a little, than not to make anything. How many you already postpone execution of a cherished dream? And how many still you are going to postpone? And by the way, if you did not postpone year, two back if did at least on slightly - slightly every day - today! - for a long time would finish planned.

Postponing business for later, it is useful to understand: tomorrow there will be other day filled with other tasks, affairs and the purposes. And that mythical will not occur Tomorrow in which you will complete everything that was still postponed if you do not make it to yourself. Today. Right now.

The habit to run away

If to you is enough to present to a project detail in the head as you lose to it interest and look for new, you for certain consider that everything will be exactly as you imagined. I dare to disappoint you: in reality everything will be absolutely in a different way. Thought, idea - only a keyhole. And to learn that in the room, you can only having come into it. That is having at least once tried to make conceived with the eyes opened for new.

Happens, there is a lot of thoughts and ideas that you just do not manage to realize them all. Therefore you do not undertake one. There would be a desire, and this problem can be solved too. Just seize the calm moment - you cannot gush forth ideas 24 hours a day! - also complete something from thought up earlier. You cannot? Not yours? Undertake another. Or think of the assistant. Eventually, not everything to be performers. Someone should be directors and ideological inspirers, so why not to you?

One of the habits harmful to completion of affairs, useful search in other cases is. If you got used to look for, it is not important that - the decision, business, the concept, the name, then, having even found it, you will continue to look for some time by inertia, you so got used. Stop for a second and wonder: and suddenly you already found what you need to do right now? Just allow for a while such opportunity, and... Your business moved off dead center?

A habit to finish

Any good business can be spoiled, having aimed to complete right there it up to the end. In a pursuit of it it is necessary it is very easy to fall into circulation around of unsoluble questions for part from which just time did not come yet.

If two chapters of the book came to your mind, other heads are not obliged to come right there after them. Make what is and do not undertake what else is not present. Some ideas find the continuation in months, years. Perhaps, after a while you will understand that your book was from only two heads - and will put the most beautiful end. Let`s the business be insisted, rest in bed and to ripen if it asks that - does not come to your mind there are green tomatoes, just because near them red hung? Or to refuse from red because green did not ripen yet?

20% of efforts yield 80% of result; the appetite comes during a meal; decisions come on the work course, and not all of them are final; and big achievements consist of small affairs, size about your palm.

A habit to be another

the Key to success of any enterprise - in your interest. If you try to be engaged in what does not carry away you, you will make nothing good. Therefore before trying to organize itself on finishing Napoleonic plans up to the end, wonder: whether you are busy by in what would like to be engaged? Yours it affairs, plans, or others, alien which you is unclear why shouldered?

At due desire, nothing will prevent you to reject all superfluous, to do favorite thing and to achieve in it success. You have very useful addiction: a habit to be another. The main thing - to allow himself to dream, and in time to solve - what another you are going to be, since today?