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How to choose materials for construction of the wooden house?

Both theater begin with a hanger, and construction of the wooden house begins with the material choice. The modern market offers both a glued bar, and roundup, and SMALLPOX and many other things. It would seem, look at the level of the income and choose material for the house. But not everything is so simple.

At first it is necessary to answer one simple question - that for you the main thing in future country cottage.

If a priority are the big areas, halls, drawing rooms, billiard rooms and the basic principle - desire to strike with the scale of guests and relatives - choose a glued bar. Only this material will allow to satisfy ambitions of your architect. If you want

that the house breathed but there is not a lot of money and you are not strongly concerned by questions of durability and durability - choose the rounded log or the pro-thinned-out bar.

If it is not enough money, but the lodge in the village is necessary extremely - the frame house filled with various artificial heaters - your destiny.

The house from a pine has an optimum ratio of the price and quality. The pine possesses fine ecology. All like to walk in a pinery and to breathe fine air. The main lack of a pine - a posineniye. Posineniye arises, as a rule, at summer wood at the wrong storage.

A larch - stronger, but also more cold tree. Heat conductivity is 20% higher than it, than at a pine, so walls of the house should be done to thickness. To optimum use a larch on the lower wreaths.

the Cedar (a cedar pine) - a soft and beautiful tree. Unfortunately, very expensive. Here you look according to the income.

at What to the north grows the wood, especially strong wood. The it is less than a distance between annual rings - the better.

In the wooden house it is well slept. To it there is also a scientific explanation. Wood is the natural conditioner as in it there is a continuous air exchange. Timbered walls promote removal from the room of anthropotoxins (the substances received as a result of activity of the person). Even their small amount worsens health, reduces working capacity and cerebration.

Further. Relative humidity of air is in limits of 50% that is optimum for the person. Stay in the wooden house not only improves a dream, normalizes arterial pressure, removes stresses, but also stimulates memory and increases intelligence.

It belongs only to the houses made of the massif of natural drying. There will be no air conditioning if in the house the minvata or any other artificial heater lies, for example. Or if you upholstered walls with lining and covered its three varnish coats.

A tree - the unique organic material which is thought up by the nature. The person, unfortunately, is so arranged that the mother - the nature all the time tries to correct. Grows up pears on apple-trees, drives logs into the dryer. No, the purpose - that is clear. It is necessary to reduce construction terms, to reduce problems with shrinkage of the building. But in this world it is necessary to pay for everything. During artificial drying, for example, there is a pitch crystallization process, pores of wood are clogged up and it stops to breathe .

A glued bar - fine material for big rooms. But if you decide to build of it the house, it is necessary to think strong. The tree in a glued bar is one of materials. The second as you, probably, guessed - glue. Whether this material as the natural conditioner will work - you can answer this question. Besides it is the most expensive material in the market.

As for an otsilidrovanny log - use it, only if you want to save on construction. To the otsilindrovochny machine there is a wood, as a rule, from 18 to 26 cm. Often there is a wood unripe and with podsochka . The main minus - you receive at the exit identical pencils, but not an exclusive, as at the manual cabin. I will not speak about removal of a strong top layer - this subject is already beaten.

In the West long ago understood that the most prestigious and expensive houses only from the massif and only manual production. There it is accepted to live in a unification with the nature and the main parameter of housing for Europeans - ecology. It is necessary for our compatriots that the house was higher, than at the neighbor, here and build in cottage settlements of the house of roundup, a glued bar, the pro-thinned-out bar, panel board, frame and is practically not present chopped carpenters.

About fire danger of the wooden house. During the fire the main danger is constituted not by(with) walls, and finishing. People, as a rule, perish from products of burning of artificial materials: carpet, linoleum, vinyl wall-paper and other achievements of a civilization. Walls during the fire char and process of burning is sharply slowed down. Brick houses burn at all not worse than wooden.

And finally we will tell what antiseptics to process the house. Them in the market great variety. It is possible only to advise to use environmentally friendly. For example, on the basis of birch tar. Yes, the house black will turn out. But very stylishly. Present - the black house with red windows.

Good-bye and to the next meeting.