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Whether there is an advantage of computer games?

the First computer game appeared at the beginning of 1962. For few months in off-duty time it was created by several programmers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was the unpretentious toy with two rockets shooting each other. In 1971 there was its arcadian Computer Space version which, however, did not make success.

With development of computer games in virtual space more and more gamers were involved. And here - that society began to sound alarm - computer games were accused of causing serious harm to health of the person, beginning from deterioration in sight and finishing with serious mental disorders. Said even about a total ban on such entertainments But nothing so attracts as a forbidden fruit.

All know about the harm done by computer games: from doctors to gamers. One are skeptical, others understand that games are unsafe, but cannot refuse. Result one: continue to play games. As a rule, in purely entertaining purposes.

Recently say that computer games let and are not harmless, but bring benefit. Taking all free time, they minimize communication of the teenager with the bad company. Besides, there is a number of the so-called training games which help with development of certain skills or learning of foreign languages.

Besides, there is a number of games and computer programs which can be used in the medical purposes. Their main destination - to take off fatigue and tension of eyes and to train sight and color perception. The medical effect is reached due to a certain selection of flowers and intensity of their blinking on the screen (the principle of computer perimetry is the basis).

And usual games are not deprived of advantage. The main thing - to know when to stop. Fallen in love by much shooter games develop instant reaction, and learn to struggle with the fears. But besides - not in a case, when you you wet all live 24 hours a day.

Browsers or quests, learn to think logically, to pay attention to fine details and train memory. Besides, when you wander about virtual streets, you learn to be guided by districts.

Games - strategy not only learn to think, think over and count beforehand, (economic strategy) but also help to know better mankind history during the different periods (A century of Mythology, the Century of conquerors). You learn to operate the state, to look for the best ways of economic development, to develop military strategies.

Driving on a car on virtual streets, you not only force down show-windows, but also remember road signs and learn to steer the car. Also you study the main characteristics of a car and the basic rules of races.

The main thing - that the favourite entertainment did not develop into dependence. Quality depends on quantity - poisons in small doses are drugs.