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How celebrated St. Valentine`s Day to us?

the Legend of formation of a holiday of St. Valentin say that at the time of the emperor Claudius II a certain preacher Valentin appeared in Rome. It is precisely known that he was born in Terni. It was known that it protected Christians, and, above all that it cured the young man of epilepsy, and the girl - of a blindness. It was sentenced to death and it is beheaded on February 14 269 g

the Last days Valentin`s lives are shrouded in a romantic crape. As if the blind daughter of the jailer fell in love with him, and he on the eve of execution, on February 13, sent it the message with a declaration of love. According to other version Valentin himself fell in love with the girl, and cured it of a blindness. Christians brought it to the level of the Saint. Romantic history was very much fallen in love to medieval Europe. And by holidays which was much one more increased - on February 14. It was called St. Valentine`s Day.

In the beginning, however, it was the holiday of young, unmarried girls. The matter is that Europe, having built service to the Great Lady in a cult, absolutely forgot about maidens. An adultery, sauntazh (intimacy between the married woman and the single man), frivolous entertainments in the spirit of Boccaccio - all this was destiny only of married ladies. Girls needed - to embroider, sing the little and to obey the parents. Feelings prevailed, and at young hermits, of course, there were legends and traditions.

In the first centuries of existence of a holiday he was marked out very simply. There was a belief that this, only day in a year, the girl can open the first heart for the man. And still that the man whom she will meet that day has to become her groom. Some girls went on cunning that the one who was pleasant to them became the groom really. For this purpose they early in the morning until in the house all slept, slipped out on the street, and made the way under windows of the darling. To refuse this day to the girl proximity was considered as a big shame for the man, even if he saw it for the first time. The violet became a symbol of St. Valentine`s Day. This flower was considered as a mascot of lovers. In England, for example, girls sent to the darlings the dried violet flowers. It was their unconditional declaration of love.

Prudent history attributes creation of the first Valentine`s Day card to Charles, the Duke Orleansky (1415) who was imprisoned at this time, in a solitary confinement, and decided to struggle with boredom by the writing of love messages to own wife.

It is considered that in Western Europe St. Valentine`s Day is celebrated with HSh of a century, in the USA since 1777. Now and in Russia there was one holiday more though in Russia there is the holiday of lovers. He is marked out, of course, not by rough recognitions, on the eighth of July and is connected with a legendary love story of Pyotr and Fevroniya.

In the modern world there are absolutely other traditions. So, Americans thought up one very interesting entertainment. If suddenly someone did not manage to fall in love till a holiday, Saint Valentin surely will help. It is only necessary to take two hats - man`s and female and to write notes with the corresponding names of all attendees, let us assume, at a party. Then notes with female names develop in a men`s hat, and, on the contrary. Mix up. Under the general laughter and playful jokes, the leader pulls out from hats on a note, and loudly reads names. Will of a case a certain couple for all year becomes most sweet - Valentin and Valentina .

The most known ways of a declaration of love, of course, are known to all. It can be gifts, notes, colourful cards. And one of the most expensive Valentine`s Day cards Aristotle Onassis sent to the beloved - the singer Maria Callas. It cost $288 000. It was made of pure gold with a scattering of diamonds. One more lover, Dzhems Watkins, composed the beloved the letter, the containing 8250 words of love.

Ways of a congratulation there is a set as there are many legends of pure and pure love. But it is necessary to try to celebrate this day together, it is unimportant where, - at supper by candlelight, at cinema, or just in a bed. The main thing that it was unforgettable. Happiness, love, and good luck to you!