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How to collect splinters of the broken heart?

How many advice would not be given to the broken maiden hearts, all the same remain those who lowers hands and days also all without a break blames all for the incident. There is it, in my opinion, because that there is too much free time which only strengthens feeling of emptiness. Therefore, that it became easier, this time needs to be filled up, and, by all means, new bright impressions.

So, your heart is free, and the resentment still ceased not up to the end and has periodically an effect attacks, it seems: Yes such as to me, in general it is necessary to go to the monastery! Stop! The doomsday, apparently, did not come yet, and therefore it is time to work, that is to have a rest, relax and feel for all 100%! By the way, the last the most important because confident people attract others much more often than those who constantly complain of destiny.

So, day 1 - y. As if strangely it sounded, but today it is necessary to bring almost ideal order to own room. It is time to remember, at last, old hobbies, friends, affairs and even that you do not wear this lovely jacket only because it tore off a button, and to sew everything in any way hands did not reach . And still, without being sorry, throw out all you connected, to put it mildly, not the most pleasant memories with. In the course of such cleaning and your thoughts more - will come to an order less.

Day 2 - y. Morning should be devoted to capital cleaning, that is various srubs, masks and a set will be necessary for you for manicure and a pedicure. The rest of day can be borrowed with what you wanted long ago, but on what time was not: go, for example, to the country, or sit in favourite cafe, or watch film where - nibud in the center, generally, do that you want, is your day.

Day 3 - y. Now you already understood that it is possible to have a good time and alone and gained strength for issue . This day work over yourself: over gait, the speech, a look. You have to feel easily and freely, but at the same time is not dismissed.

Day 4 - y. Today you leave on hunting . Your task to prove to itself(himself) that he threw you not because you bad but because he just could not appreciate you. Be not afraid to look at people: perhaps the one whom you always looked for also disappears in this crowd. It is quite probable that if you show enough courage and patience, then result of yours hunting there will be several pleasant acquaintances. But all - you should not rush on the first comer.

Day 5 - y, decisive. Critically take a detached view of yourself: whether you achieved what you aspired to? If you understood that the world is surprising and beautiful, became sociable and self-sufficient, then can deliver to yourself 5+ . If all above described procedures on you worked not so strongly as it would be desirable or did not work in general, try to live anew days with 2 - go on 4 - y, paying more attention to what is not given you.

Remember the main thing that at you everything will turn out!