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Let`s make a rating of the most terrible characters of movies?

Once the evil behaved a little more modestly. It got under the screen of night, created mucks and disappeared. And, it was not where will wish, and in damned places, houses with ill fame, cemeteries, and other ominous institutions.

Now, seemingly, times changed (if already and the devil carries Prada !) . Presently the evil, to put it mildly, became impudent! It appears where to it will take in head and when. Scoffs at innocent people moreover and in the face of many thousands crowd! Still! You will not frighten our people of stories about Fantomas any more. Our viewer needs more terrible monsters, bloody murders, the spoiled corpses. And there`s nothing to be done? The desire to be frightened pines somewhere at heart each of us. And only on posters the inscription about a new horror film will appear - we right there fly to movie theater. I would like to show a small rating of monsters and freaks who most of all frightened our world (Katya Pushkaryova is not counted!) .

So: in my opinion, the first place should be handed to immortal Freddie Kruger. Certainly, now these movies are more cheerful than any comedy, but nevertheless Freddie - the person of horror films and therefore let`s belong to to the grandfather yours faithfully!

Perhaps (and most likely), the person in a white mask from Shout also it is not worthy the second place, but that this movie became furor in a genre of horrors - certainly.

Dzhipers Kripers, you from where crept out?. . Familiar lines? Unless it not them was sung by the mad fortuneteller at all movie theaters in the summer 2002 - go? Well, recognize, at least, that this movie forced you to become covered cold then, Dzhipers Kripers, certainly, one of the most disgusting and frightening beings of cinema.

Omen - one of the most cult horror films. I mean not that (666) which appeared this summer, and that which 1976 - go years. At the ordinary woman the child of a devil is born I do not know how at you, but for me the most terrible are horror films on religion. By the way, Omen repeats idea Rosemarie`s Child .

One more sensational movie of last summer - Perfumer. History of one murderer . Personally I was frightened not by Jean - Baptiste Grenouille (main character) - and ease with which he killed. If to trust mass media, then the director worked with psychologists who chose more successful foreshortenings for shooting to manage to transfer all abundance of smells. In my opinion - at them it did not turn out.

You remember Batman ? And how not to remember! In one of parts of that Batman the main character faces a certain Joker whose role was brilliantly played by Jack Nicholson. From one view of his physiognomy it became terrible Somebody remembers

Kendimena? Three times near a mirror need to be told this name, and then, undoubtedly, it will be and will kill you. In spite of the fact that it is not really terrible, I can tell: good movie.

Yes Certainly, both Kengdimeng, and Dzhipers Kripers - it is good. Such movies are necessary too. But let`s not to forget that in life there are also rather good creations, good people, good emotions. And when we realize it - everything will be as Lyudmila Gurchenko in the movie " sang; Carnival night :

And the smile, without doubt, suddenly will touch your eyes.

I will not leave good mood more you!