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What is or who such Au Pair?

the increasing popularity are got Today by work abroad. Go to work also for harvesting, and tutors to camp nurseries, and workers in hotel business, and, at last, Au Pair go to work.

In translation from the French Au Pair means as equals means as the family member. In a word we call it the governess. Au Pair, or the governess, becomes for a while the full member of a family in which works.

What belongs to Au Pair duties? First of all, it is duties of the housewife on whom responsibility for children and housework lies.

Usually a salary at Au Pair, unlike salaries, for example, at agricultural works, quite low. But the free housing and food in a family is provided to you.

To what country of Au Pair would not go to work, knowledge of English is obligatory. There are, of course, also exceptions: as a rule, it is France - here obligatory knowledge of French, and Germany - knowledge of German. In all other countries practically all inhabitants know English which is a means of communication between a family and Au Pair until she does not learn language of this country on a language course which visit is an indispensable condition of work of Au Pair.

As a rule, families which employ as Au Pair have more than one child. Belongs to duties of Au Pair: to take away children in kindergarten (school), to take away them from there (some families are preferred that Au Pair had the driver`s license as live at rather long distance to a garden or school and prefer to bring children by car), to make for them a lunch, to feed and entertain before arrival of parents from work.

In the afternoon while children are in school (garden), Au Pair have a housework. It both ironing of linen, and house cleaning, and cooking of a lunch. Plus some families can ask to make some additional work like washing of windows. Sometimes in the working days in the evenings, or at the weekend, the family can ask Au Pair to sit with children while parents descend, for example, on a visit. Usually in such hours of additional work of a family pay an additional salary.

At Au Pair two of days off in a week - as a rule, it is Saturday and Sunday. Completely can devote these two days of Au Pair to himself. I do not recommend to stay at home with a sad face: walk on the city, visit the museums, wander on shops, at last, visit a disco or bar.

Communication with similar is very important not to feel others and lonely in other country. The agency which employed you Au Pair is frequent, offers also the list with phones of families in which Au Pair work too. Happens, as families, having acquaintances for whom Au Pair also work, invite them on a visit for acquaintance to you.

It is very good if two girlfriends go to one country and to one city to work Au Pair, then they can spend together all free time.

So what is required from the girl who decided to work as Au Pair abroad? First of all, experience on care of children is very important. It is desirable to have letters of recommendation with addresses and telephone numbers of those families for whose children you cared. Besides, it is very desirable to have photos in which you together with children, say, play in a sandbox or you read them the book.

It is not less important to be good in housekeeping: to be able it is good to iron clothes, to make a lunch and to excellently clean up the house. Very many hostesses in families where work with Au Pair, after cleaning of the apartment by it, look under sofas and cases, get on stools, feel the top regiments and mezzanines in search of dust. Therefore it is very important not to miss during the cleaning the slightest detail.

Many families check the new Au Pair for reliability. They throw up the insignificant sum of money for a foreground. If money evaporated - such Au Pair is dishonest and does not suit a family.

Employing Au Pair, families are preferred that it remained to work at least for a year. At the same time families do not want to take Au Pair which in their countries have own children, for the following reason: if the own child of Au Pair suddenly gets sick, she throws the children entrusted it and rushes home to own.

Well, and in conclusion there is a wish to add that Au Pair has to love children! She has to also be able to adapt to foreign culture, food, traditions, has to respect them. She has to be an example for children. And for adjustment of good relations with children I very much recommend, first of all, at least by means of a phrasebook or the dictionary to learn couple of phrases in language of this country. Communication is very important for children and if they do not understand language which you with them speak, these relations are in advance doomed to a failure.