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Who such Katya Ochkaryova, or As Beauty is not happiness parodied?

Katya Pushkaryova are the main character of megarating series Beauty is not happiness . This little and innocent monster frightened us from blue screens of our TVs nearly an every evening, for all year. People of the country were unintentionally divided not two categories: adorers and haters. And, the second there was much too.

It is hard to say why so popular series! In it there are neither fascinating intrigues, nor the subject line. Dozing people go from an office to an office and swear. Strange, but Katenka overtook even the World Cup in Germany. Rating Be not born was almost in two (!) is higher than time.

Long-awaited transformation in the beauty did not come from the monster. More precisely, occurred, but. Generally, the opinion of the people is expressed by some forums of series. One of users wrote As was a horse, so a horse and remained. Though is not present. Earlier it was similar to a camel .

FROM WHERE SUCH RATINGS, KATENKA - the question which is not giving in to an explanation.

Camel looks at us through fragments of glass of the points not only from a TV screen, but from newspapers, magazines, the websites, eventually! It is possible to order all series on disks + a three-hour disk with bonuses

Katya Pushkaryova, in combination Nellie Uvarova, claims that she did not get sick at all with any illness and furthermore - star. The girl kindly told that she very often likes to be passed by the subway But Nellie`s interview agrees to give only for the sum with three zero in dollars! Interestingly, in the subway it is given delivery from hundred-dollar notes at once?

Since December twelfth the same Amedia - the creator of series, together with animated studio ToonGu. ru started a new cartoon serial. Having seen only couple of frames, you will be able to recognize heroes at once! Similarity is photorealistic!

Strikes also such humour, extremely successful for the movie. Katya Pushkaryova changed only a name, and appearance left former. Well, well, Katya Ochkaryova, Andrey Padlych, Kira Duryevna, Kazanovsky, the Murzilka, Vika and Shelukhayev - forward to make laugh the people, already zadolbavshiysya from the lines do not look around and remain such as is .

By the way, the abundance of soundtracks suffered too. Animators and creators of the animated film tried that all and all looked most silly and ridiculously. And we should recognize that it turned out very well!

Let`s treat everything cheerfully, with humour. And then everything at us will be remarkable!