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How to derive benefit from old children`s things? Sofa small pillows and padded stools!

U of all are available in apartment granaries things old, unnecessary or very expensive to heart.

Some elements of clothes, happens, and in a good shape, go to a garbage can from - for the fact that they became not by the size or got out of fashion. Actually they are not so useless as could seem to their owners. Practically each thing can bring double benefit, and I will prompt you possible ways of transformation.

After the children many mothers leave things - who for the subsequent generation, and someone on a case of replenishment of the family. But there passes time, and in these things it is already simply inconvenient to dress kids. And on the other hand, it is a pity to throw out almost unworn bagatelle! Here - that can also be given them the second life, regeneration.

The children`s fur coat perfectly will be suitable for production of a soft small pillow for a sofa, at the same time it is worth remembering initial manual training: to cut out two squares of the necessary size and to sew as appropriate (the lining will not prevent). It is possible to fill it the remained sleeves. Anything difficult. As ornament it is possible before sewing together of details of a product (squares, rhombuses or even circles.) to sew a band, to pass tapes, shnurochka, thongs through the done holes (if fur natural, it is possible not to sweep off). The soft and original small pillow which will become a part of memory will turn out.

Very interesting small pillow is made of a children`s sviterk. It is possible to fill a product also old things. Body sweaters will be the small pillow, but you should not hurry to cut off a collar and sleeves! They will serve as nice registration. At first it is necessary to stitch a bottom, having turned a thing inside out. The following step to fill future small pillow through a collar and directly on the face to make a seam on a mouth from one shoulder to another. To fix by the last stage sleeves, having laid on stomach the former sweater and having taken a thread manually (it is possible to sew on the machine at the beginning of production).

And from a children`s dublenochka it is possible to create an original padded stool, it will well hold a form. The top part follows to close hood, having sewn it on / or in a collar. To a bottom padded stool to sew a circle from dense material (a jeans, bolonyevy trousers ). Sleeves can be enshrined as lengthways, and in other provisions. It is possible to decorate with a multi-colored scarf and sewn (even from all directions) small mittens. Such product can be combined with sviterkovy small pillows.

Cheerful and ridiculous details of an interior will please and will surprise guests. Will remarkably look also on a sofa in a drawing room, and in a nursery (being used for games). They will give a special cosiness and will perfectly fit into modern design of housing. Kids will be glad to see things from darling a sviterka or fur coats, later for them it will become reminiscence of a childhood.

Let memory about kind and light remains not only in photos .