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How to earn on the Internet?

One more article on a hackneyed subject with the banal name. This time under my subjective point of view.

If to reject fantastic and unreal ways, then remains:

Distant work

Earnings on the websites (partner programs, a contextual advertizing etc.)

Sale of real goods on the Internet

Sale of digital goods on the Internet

Trade at the

auctions Work with FOREX

Yes that`s all real ways. Let`s consider everyone.

Distant work (Freelance)

Is the mass of orders which can be executed, without coming out the house: design, programming, administration of the websites, writing articles, etc. Payment can be received too, without leaving the house, with it you will be helped by electronic payment service providers.

For this reason for many employers it is more favorable to employ for single or permanent job of removed workers. Removed workers do not need to pay the sick-list, holiday, it is not necessary to contain office therefore such form of cooperation is favorable to employers.

Become removed workers to receive additional earnings though for many it becomes the basic. At home it is more convenient to work. Far off it is possible to find more favorable work, especially for the people living in small towns, employers can be from any point of the world. Let`s tell, the States or Europe pay for the same work in 2 - 5 times more.

There is a mass of specialized resources on distant work, or you can read my book about distant work.

As I can tell a conclusion: if you the programmer, the talented designer or the translator, then can safely look for the employer. Writers of articles too in the price.

Earnings on the websites. needs to create and support by

the visited resources Here. If there is an attendance, then it is already possible to receive return in the most various ways: to sell references from the website, to earn with partner programs and from systems of a contextual advertizing, etc.

the Difficult task, but quite on forces. A web - masters tens and hundreds of resources contain the majority. Often involve removed workers in their filling and administration. As a result money makes money.

Sale of real goods on the Internet.

to Contain real shop expensively, and not every one is able. The virtual shop demands much less costs of creation and maintenance.

In recent years realities are that that without good investments in development and promotion cannot almost be earned. For this reason for beginners this field is almost inaccessible.

Sale of digital goods on the Internet.

the Digital goods are an e-book, a script, the database etc. Everything that it is impossible to feel hands, everything that consists of units and zero information.

Recently there is a mass of authors and developers of digital goods. Many of them achieved very good success and long ago refused from real works.

The competition is high, but at competent approach it is possible to achieve good results. And on beer only the lazy untalented person will not earn.

Trade at auctions.

E - bay and the Russian analogs Means. Many already made trade at auctions the profession.

It is possible to buy on E - bay cheaper and to sell at us more expensively, or on the contrary.

Here mass of reefs: payment, delivery, customs. Without good book on E - bay or the competent mentor will be difficult to be begun.

Work with FOREX

of FOREX is an on-line exchange, for trade with big leverage. From $1000 and leverage 1:100 you will be able to make transactions for $100000.

Without knowledge of business your game on FOREX will be similar to a hazardous and interesting lottery.

Professionals earn very quite good money for FOREX.


1. It is necessary to work all-.

2. It is quite possible that it is necessary to study and invest money in training, as in the most valuable investment.

3. Distant work, earnings on the websites and trade in digital goods are most of all available to the beginner.

Good luck!