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How to create image of the gentleman of

C of what the true gentleman begins? Correctly, from a qualitative suit . The gentleman has to, first of all, be able to make impression.

So, we will repeat, the main thing and the basic rule of the person noble - excellent appearance. First of all, the suit has to be sustained in classical style, without bright invoices and special luxury. For everyday carrying it is necessary to choose a strict elegant suit. Color should not be bright too.

Another matter - issue. Here it is possible to dare to show off. Creating an image of the dandy, it is possible to use various accessories from the most various butterflies and ties and to refined scarves. But, I emphasize, everything has to be picked up with taste. As Slava Zaytsev spoke: Classics - it is the alphabet of good taste .

Choosing a suit, it is necessary to know that ideally picked up is considered that which length of a jacket reaches the middle of a thumb of a hand. Besides, at the bent hands of cuffs of a shirt has to look out slightly.

An important role in creation of worthy appearance is played by the footwear which is correctly picked up by . In - the first, shoes have to be only from skin and, by rules of a good form, it is desirable black or is dark - brown tones. And here the light shoes should be worn at a leisure, but not at office.

In - the second, a style. Classical shoes with laces - the best option for the real gentleman. It is possible to wear also boots with a high shin or moccasins on which fashion is observed recently. With a line or without it, with sharp nose or with cut off - in this question it is worth relying only on fashion.

In - the third, necessary addition to shoes are socks . As a rule, gentlemen have them blue or black. With a light suit it is possible to put on light socks also. The main thing that they were more dark than trousers and at all your shin when you sit should not be visible, having thrown a leg for a leg. Therefore it is necessary to choose high socks. And the sock, the better is higher.

In spite of the fact that the gentleman is met on a &ndash suit; the business card of the intelligent man everything is remains a tie . It is the last and main stroke to an image of the classical gentleman.

The business man in the clothes has to have not less than ten ties for all occasions (ideally - to each shirt). It is necessary to notice that there are several types of ties: very thin, average density and dense (rigid). As a rule, each of them is put on irrespective of a season though intuitively, men prefer them from a fine fabric in the summer, and in the winter from dense. But it, once again we repeat - matter of taste.

By the way, the best gift for the real gentleman the tie is. It needs to be selected to a suit. And if the ladylove decides to present to the man a similar gift, then she needs to know that our gentlemen, unlike British, prefer ties 10 - 12 centimeters wide. Besides thanks to a coloring the gift can become unique. This desire can be met, considering collections from Versace, Quinn la Rosh, Faberge or other not less known trademarks. But it is quite possible to order or create an embroidery most. For the beloved it is possible to make anything. If it - caballero!

In a sunny day any gentleman cannot do without of points . Does not matter, with glass lenses or plastic. The main thing that the form of points corresponded to the word classics . Agree, dark lenses with a thorough frame look very solidly and perfectly supplement your ideal image.

And finally, you should not forget about hours . They not only serve as time indicator, but also are faultless attribute of style. So that approach the choice of hours very carefully because they can tell a lot of things about the owner. You do not stint and get expensive and qualitative thing. Having stopped the choice on exact Swiss mechanics, you do not progadat. The main thing not to depart from an external image and not to change the created style.

Naturally, creation of image of the gentleman - business troublesome and expensive. But who told what will be easy? To be a gentleman - this art, and art, as we know, demands the victims. Add a shred of confidence and at you everything will turn out!