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What can be adaptation of the first grader?

Already passed half a year as your kid for the first time crossed a threshold of school, and it is possible to sum up the result as he at it adapted what progress he achieved what troubles did not manage to be avoided. The beginning of academic year was stamped on the memory of the child solemn and festive: an effective satchel, a beautiful form, textbooks and notebooks with bright covers, congratulations on a ruler near school, but then there came everyday life with their difficulties, difficulties of training and communication. You were already convinced, dear parents that, having sent the child to school, you did not feel help in his education, but many new requirements and problems appeared. Also the holiday of the beginning of September began to be forgotten slowly by

But what to do that the school holiday did not disappear from soul that children studied and rejoiced?

Receipt in school puts the kid on serious trials: he becomes a pupil and begins to be engaged in an unfamiliar kind of activity, and in absolutely new conditions. The school first of all works for education, implementation of the program of training, the dictatorship of the teacher directed to education of collective reigns here - you send children to submission of foreign adult. It is good if children were lucky, and they got under the guide of progressively conceiving and human teacher and if is not present?

Long ago it is known that the kids visiting kindergarten adapt at school of easier house - they are accustomed to live in collective, to obey the tutor, can independently put on, undress, use a toilet, strike up acquaintances to children, communicate with them and therefore quite easily join in school life. Somewhere in subconsciousness at them there lives the feeling that it is new kindergarten, only posurovy, with other requirements. Such children come to school, as a rule, with immunity against children`s infections and seldom skip classes due to illness, so, do not lag behind in study, they should not catch up with the others.

You had no opportunity to send the kid to kindergarten, and you trained him for school independently - taught the account, reading on warehouses and hoped for successful school adaptation. For these half a year you already found out what your pupil of the first class slowly reads, not accurately writes, is not attentive in a class, spins at lessons, gets under a school desk during an explanation - from what draw a conclusion about bad preparation it to school. You are very upset, dissatisfied, and it can be reflected in mentality of the child. Try to collect the strength, hide the irritation and remember that you missed by preparation for school.

In the first class do not give formal marks. The assessment is given to the answer of the kid or his written work only verbal: Good fellow At you it did not turn out " today; It is Not bad written and children seek to deserve sympathy of the teacher... It is useless to be upset to parents, to vent the spleen upon the kid if he lags behind in something schoolmates - the child is least of all guilty of insufficient preparation for school. Except training in letters and the account it needed to be prepared for contacts with the teacher and pupils, to teach understanding of addresses, ability to monitor the speech and teams, to maintain very long lesson, to acquaint with the place of study, to play school: to put the child for the imagined school desk together with toys, to ask questions, to make orders All your fears and alarms about lag in study can turn out

premature, and in the following half a year the kid will successfully make up for ability to read, write, calculate. For house reading it is useful to acquire children`s books with very short stories or rhymes and always to ask to retell by the own words contents that the child pondered upon its sense. Together with the kid organize houses its workplace so that not to waste time for searches of various objects. If there are no special devices for storage of textbooks, notebooks, handles, felt-tip pens and other important things of the first grader, it is possible to sew from the remains of fabric (rags) or to stick together multi-colored pockets from a cardboard, to arrange in them wealth of the kid for school, to sign and hang up near a school desk for occupations.

It is possible to compensate temporary failure in study by occupations in circles at school, sports sections, to try to include actively in process of house training game elements. The interesting ideas about game training were introduced still by the Ancient Greek philosopher Platon: Not violently teach children of science, and by means of the game . It is possible to ask the kid to divide apples or sweets between family members, to distribute one certain quantity of nuts, to study thus operations of addition and subtraction...

Not bad stimulate development of thinking and ingenuity shakhmatno - checkerboard circles on condition of their regular visit or use of chess for mathematical games. The possibility of the choice and game approach increase memory and ingenuity. It is necessary that at the kid the relation to study that it was important to study because this very interesting occupation changed. But if, despite all your efforts, the child is capricious, does not want to go to school, feels fear and strong alarm, then it is necessary to have a talk urgently with the teacher, he will be with him three and a half more years In case talk does not help

, and the child still fears schools, in panic is afraid of the teacher, its transfer to other class or even other school can become an exit, without allowing development school neurosis . Level of uneasiness of first graders depends on that, how harmoniously they manage to combine requirements of a family and school. If the teacher does not help the kid to adapt to new life and opposes him to other children, then at him the serious violations of health which are shown in hysterics with temperature increase, head and gastric pains can develop.

Adverse course of adaptation of the first grader can happen for various reasons and unavailability to school only one of them, but there can be also others - dissonance in a family, for example, or difficulties with development of a subject, or the conflicts with schoolmates

already in the first class also the abuse problem Can arise. Having heard from the child of a curse, parents are horrified: It is necessary, for half a year of such muck it was gathered! . You do not hurry to accuse the first grader: he does not understand sense of abusive abuse yet, and, saying it, perhaps, checks your reaction, hoping to learn from you sense of unfamiliar phrases. Explain to the child that these words are pronounced by very ill-bred children and ask not to be such as they.

We will be attentive to the children, to a condition of their mentality, to their adaptation at school, and everything at them is formed!