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What to be engaged in when disconnected light?

What can be worse, than sudden shutdown of electricity? No, I not about the fact that by the morning the refrigerator can begin to flow. This by itself. I mean boredom which is generated by absolute inaction and an utter impossibility something to do.

You, probably, do not pay attention that many types of your activity within your house are possible only in the presence of electricity? In vain. Look: the TV does not work, the Internet (as well as all computer with its games) is, as a rule, inaccessible, it is impossible to read the book in darkness etc., etc. too. Gloomy... And in direct, and figuratively...

With what to occupy itself when, in general, to be engaged there is nothing?

It appears, there is a mass of ways to kill time, expecting that moment when competent authorities will deign to liquidate accident on substation or will connect the broken wires on N - dtsaty kilometer of the high voltage line.

So, a way first (occult)

Darkness - no other than the embodiment of uncertainty and, respectively, fear of this uncertainty. To what it? Everything is simple - in the dark the place to spirits and ghosts, ghosts and different evil spirits. Generally, at the known desire it is possible porazvlech itself a spiritualistic session with calling of spirits of the relatives or famous people of the past.

Those who believe in magic will have moral satisfaction from understanding that they are right, and otherworldly forces really exist. The others will derive the mass of pleasure, having joked of the girlfriend, the wife or younger sister

to Feminists should not accuse me of female oppression. Simply jokes in darkness over women turn out effective and, sometimes, just unforgettable.

ATTENTION! Before joking, think of consequences! Not all people have strong nerves.

the Way second (hazardous)

If you rather thrifty person besides knowing that in our country there are shutdowns of electricity, then for certain is in your house a two-three of candles. And if to all other in your entrance there lives the friend (and it is better two or three friends), then it is possible to arrange tournament on a card play! At your choice: thrown up and translated fool, preference, poker and mass of other gamblings.

Moreover! It is possible to arrange tournament on any board games. For example, in Monopoly or a lotto (that which with the numbered kegs).

ATTENTION! In - the first before gambling, be convinced that in case of loss you will be able to pay off. Even if rates cheap in literal sense. Even if you play with friends. It is simple not to pay bills - a bad form for the Player.

In - the second. Be not overzealous with games, flickering light of a candle quickly enough tires eyes. Especially, when the person tries to read something or to make out (cards, dice, etc.) .

the Way third (lazy)

not to suffer from inaction, sitting in the dark, it is necessary to think of the leisure in advance. For example, to buy FM - the receiver or a MP3 - a player. Simply and with taste! Now it is possible to look out of the window on the sky and stars and to listen to the favourite chanson, a pop-music, hip - hop, hev - metal - a hardcore - a trash - fate or something else.

ATTENTION! Well... Even I do not know, than you and to frighten... Unless you should not fall asleep lying with a player - you can turn unsuccessfully sideways and crush the invaluable device.

the Way fourth (telecommunication)

It more will suit girls as they like to stir by phone. Not all, of course, but their considerable part.

It is known that ordinary stationary phone does not depend on power supply. So why not to use this oversight of engineers - men and not to chat with the girlfriend, mother or the beloved mother-in-law?!

By the way, it is possible to talk also by the cell phone. If you, of course, have no phenomenal not luckiness and it is impossible to you so that all cellular were discharged one minute prior to shutdown of light.

ATTENTION! Do not tire strongly people with the chatter. If you want to talk, then it does not mean that your interlocutor feels the same need. the Way fifth (sincere)

Wrote to

this line and understood: word sincere is associated at me with advertizing of one famous brand of beer... Well.

Actually I wanted to write not about it. To take alcohol in the dark of the deenergized room it is unsafe. Sooner or later it is necessary to go from a glass of beer to (sorry a mua!) to bathroom, or from a glass of cognac to the favourite bed. And movements in a state of intoxication moreover and in the conditions of, to put it mildly, limited visibility - are fraught with injuries.

It is better to use this time in a different way. For example, to analyse the behavior, the relations with other people, to dream of the future, to construct plans etc. of

A if nearby there is a loved one, then it is just necessary to have with it a heart-to-heart talk! For certain you do it not often.

By the way, it is proved that in that case when interlocutors do not see each other, communication turns out more open and frank.

ATTENTION! Be not overzealous, being picked the soul. If you are excessively feel sorry for yourself, then will only strengthen the depression (if that was available) or will spoil to yourself mood. the Way sixth (it is patriotic - demographic) Well here to tell


... In the country demographic accident. It is necessary to do something. Well, adults all here - you will guess, I hope as how to do.

ATTENTION! Only about a romantic dinner by candlelight and erotic massage do not forget. We are not rabbits - it is necessary and pleasure to derive.

Can think up a weight more of ways of how to brighten up the pastime in the house deprived of light. And it you, dear readers, will make. Be not afraid to use the sharpness and the imagination! Good luck to you in it!

PS Hurrah! At last gave light! Now it is possible not to twist dynamo pedals - cars that my computer worked! And that legs already fall off fatigue...