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How to become the rich with little effort?

to escape from poverty, are a little simple to do something or to work somewhere . It is just a way to poverty and further in poverty!

A to become the rich, it is necessary to begin to carry out the following simple rules:

1. Each your problem has to be solved in the shortest possible time, usually then the smallest amount of efforts for the solution of this problem is required. Be resolute! Deliberate less and do more!

2. To work less for someone. The more you work, the worse live! However, I do not consider as work occupation as favourite affairs. Work - from the word the slave!

3. If you are going to have money, bring some value on the market and people will bring you money. And here the quantity of money depends on that, how convincingly you will paint benefits of this value!

4. Work only for the sake of the interest. Forget appeals about corporate culture and loyalty to firm. The firm always profits on you, otherwise you would not work there.

5. Think of how to earn at least $50000 a month. Is possible more. It is impossible less!

6. Money comes to you through other people. Communicate! Are unsociable and beeches extremely seldom become the rich.

7. A poor environment practically always pulls you in poverty. Even at very rich people will always be relatives, friends and other applicants which if professionally not to beat off them, will quickly deprive of you money. If you the person still poor, in your environment just do not love, do not respect also some even hate the rich. Always it is necessary to communicate with Winners and Optimists. Quite so, from capital letter - Winners and Optimists!

8. Poverty arises if to avoid the responsibility!

9. If you have not enough money, it is necessary to do business. If there is no money at all, it is necessary to do business urgently, right now! Look for problems and think over ways of their decision. The most successful decisions make out in a look business - projects and offer investors.

10. The way to huge wealth lies only through the passive income! The income which comes to you irrespective of your efforts. Create a source of the passive income and live happily to yourself!

11. There are only two rules of favorable investment. The first - protect money! The rule second - wanted to risk, watch the rule first. The income has to exceed an expense always.

12. Study biographies and thoughts of the richest people of the world.

13. Answer yourself the questions Who do I am is? In what my uniqueness? In what sense of my life? What would I be engaged in (was engaged) if money was loads? . Only it is honest! Force, energy, passion from answers to these questions, from understanding of sense of own life - are simply all-powerful!

14. Dreams are the main thing in your Life! To dream and believe that dreams will come true! The person begins to die when he ceases to dream.

15. Help people! Not for money, in all sincerity! But! Only to those people to whom you want to help. It is not obligatory relatives or acquaintances.

16. Pay compliments! Just praise on the street the woman for a beautiful hairdress, the man for a beautiful, sports figure and you never know still reasons for a praise. It always lifts also your self-assessment!

17. Keep the daily magazine of your victories! Offenses and defeats are remembered by 7 - 12 times longer than victories and udach. If you lost courage - read this magazine!

And my last council. Never, never, never give up!!!

With any enemy, and poverty - the enemy of any person, it is necessary to fight up to the end, without pity to the enemy and pity to himself!