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Money, earnings, career - whether cost they freedoms?

of the Pit call! Advance on an office ladder always pleases. The family congratulates you. Acquaintances envy. The mother-in-law bakes your darlings pies. Children are proud. New subordinated look validly and servilely. The salary pleases. In total in general type - a top.

It costs the victims. And what there are victims? So-so. Somewhere did not object, somewhere kept silent, somewhere caved in . You will think - small things. I make a reservation at once. I call only the most frequent receptions used for career development, it does not mean at all that there is no this growth owing to others reasons - mad diligence, talent, ambition, greed, case... I speak about factors, undoubtedly promoting this growth.

What communication between freedom and career? Yes any! Concepts these mutually exclusive. What is career? I will try to give it capacious definition. So, career is: increase in responsibility for a state foreign, deeply hostile to the person is information - the dynamic structure developing irrespective of your desire under laws, independent of you.

What this means in translation into Russian? Here that. The most important human delusion consists that people consider themselves capable in some way to influence development of the enterprise, firm, organization and, eventually, the state. In effect any organizational form after the birth does not depend any more on the person but only from the decisions made by it that not so same. These the person makes decisions at all not independently, namely upon the demand of that structure in which is though, of course, in it does not give the report to itself. Yes, in some moments activity of this structure can be objectively useful to people, but not from at all - for some inherent in it altruism, and from - that in this time this activity is useful to the most this structure. As soon as for its stability it is required to do in a half of components it small screws they will be destroyed immediately. As it is good about it at Bulgakov ... the one who believed until recently that it operates something is suddenly lying not movably in a wooden box, and people around, understanding, what`s the use from lying no more any, burn it in the furnace... .

Therefore is not present any doubts that increase in responsibility for work of a being hostile to you - of course risk and strengthening of a condition of own slavery. One more delusion consists in what advance on an office ladder assumes big personal safety from actions of this system. By no means. In the   system; priorities beings, for which are indifferent and life, and value of the person, moreover, for which this value in general is absent, definitely there is an equal-sign between small screw and, say, bed .

I hope, it is clear to all that for detailed considerations of a problem it will be required trudv volume the serious doctoral dissertation, washing a task - only to designate relevance of a subject.

For those who consider that the author tries to destroy settled standards of success, meaning of life, morals, etc., I will notice: I try to rethink not canons or norms, but views of them. As it is told Who is warned - that is armed .