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What needs to be known at the choice of a hookah?

you will surprise nobody with the Hookah in Russia any more. As a rule, that is available practically in every second apartment, but how it is correct to choose a hookah and what troubles can trap us?

For a start, it is necessary to be defined for what purposes you buy to yourself (or as a gift) a hookah. If it serves mostly as decoration of an interior and will be used once a month or more rare, then can safely take any pleasant. If the hookah is necessary for you for daily or weekly smoking, it is better to approach this question more responsibly.

At the choice of a hookah, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to mine. It is, perhaps, the most important component of a hookah. In Russia, in most cases, offer the buyer goods from Syria or Egypt. Mines from Syria seldom happen folding owing to what will difficult clean them and such hookah will hardly serve long. The Egyptian mines often are made of several components that many times over simplifies process of washing and cleaning.

Everyone chooses height of mine on the taste. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the low mine 50 - 60 cm high will detain in itself less pitches and harmful substances, than higher. The mine 75 - 90 cm high will detain in itself more harmful substances, and the smoke will be cooled stronger. However, if to take very much high mine, it is necessary very much to pull strongly and will smoke it is rather heavy. Upon purchase of mine it is necessary most to check attentively all connections (if those are available) and to blow all tubes, thus, having convinced of its working capacity. Especially, if you buy a hookah abroad, in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria etc.

the Following component of a hookah are a flask. A flask as you understand, - just a vessel for water. It can be any form and from any material on your taste. The only thing that needs to be remembered upon purchase of a flask is the diameter of mine, they have to be twisted hermetically each other.

The third component of a hookah - a hose. The choice of a hose it is necessary to approach with the same responsibility, as well as the choice of mine. If the hookah has wooden tips, and it so in 80% of cases, it is necessary to check whether they since when you wash out a hose water, the tree inflates get out, and then can crack.

It is not necessary to take decorative hoses because after weekly or even monthly washing, such hoses look much worse, than on a counter of shop. It is better to choose a hose, of course, leather, but if took another, in principle, nothing terrible.

Of course, it is necessary to check a hose for existence of blockages and holes. For check of a blockage, it is possible just to blow in a hose on the one hand, previously having laid a hand to another. To find a hole, it is possible to stop up one end of a hose with a hand, and through another to try to sigh. If the sigh was not successful, everything means hermetically. The mouthpiece is also applied to a hose.

In Russia hookahs are several times more expensive, than in the Arab countries. In Egypt the prices of average of the size hookahs begin somewhere from 25 dollars (if you bargain, it is possible cheaper), in Tunisia personally I managed to buy as a gift a good hookah for only 10 dollars. In Turkey the prices approximately same, as well as in Egypt (depends, of course, on the place, shop etc.), but the risk of possible deception increases there. As a rule, tobacco, coals and nippers are applied to a hookah.

Untightly made, badly cleaned and washed out hookah, will distort taste of tobacco and it will be rather unpleasant to smoke it whereas the hookah which is competently chosen by you serves long and it will be a pleasure to smoke it.