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Who was born on January 31 or Where it is possible to derive plots for series? There are no

, probably, any person who at least once in life did not sink down on series. And, all these stories Just mary Slaves izaur and an other tear chewing gum grows dim in comparison with real historical characters. You do not trust? Let`s take only one day in the history, on January 31, presented to the world several absolutely surprising people.

So, in 1735 Hector of Saint - John Krevker, the American farmer to whom has the luck to get a Jesuit education in France was born. The competent young man was sent to serve in army. At it and in thoughts was not to otkosit it was necessary to serve the whole 4 years, far from the house - in Canada. In army of Saint - John became a writer. It Notes - the collection from the 12th the nature - and essays of scenes of everyday life - was endured by several editions and the translations during lifetime of the author. Both in the USA, and in France. Here the first plot for a dashing tie - in 150 years after Krevker`s death on an attic of the old house its manuscripts supplementing already published supervision were found in France. Interest in the farmer flashed with a new force.

But still during lifetime membership in the French academy of Sciences provided to Krevker favor of the influential scientists delighted with his book - the count Byuffon and Benjamin Franklin. Favourite of public appointed the ambassador of France in three neogenic states of America.

But before it happened, the American revolution destroyed his family - the farmer - the naturalist and his American wife appeared on different sides of barricades. Saint - John with the eldest son went to England, and, having returned in several years to the New World already as the ambassador, he found instead of the house the ashes and a grave of the wife, and younger children among the Boston homeless. Than not a subject for the subsequent several hundreds of series?

Krevker - the ambassador adjusted the post message between the States and France, continued to write articles on botanical, agrotechnical and medical subjects, and in parallel developed widely quoted theory " subsequently; the boiling copper - it was attempt to answer the question What there is an American? .

If the surprising destiny of Krevker did not inspire you, then, perhaps, will become interested in one of the first French kamikaze - the aeronaut Andre - Jacques Garneren? He was born on January 31, only in 1769 too.

In the homeland he by right is considered the first parachutist. In a year of establishment of Jacobin dictatorship, v1793 - m, it becomes the inspector of the French army, introducing use of balloons in the military purposes.

During military operations, Garneren was seized by British and spent two years in captivity. Upon return to France he with big persistence began to make high-rise flights in the balloon. To it the new hobby - jumps from a parachute increased. In it to it was not equal. So, in 1797 Andre - Jacques made parachute jump from height of 1000 m. But on France he did not become isolated. Drove about with demonstration flights on the cities of Europe, and, in those days, when not everyone heard about Napoleon Bonaparte. So the republic was associated at them with a name of Garneren, but not great Corsican. And on a record of Europe of Andre - Jacques threatened not where - nibud, and in the most enemy camp - in England. It is thought, here did not manage and without policy - to stun, first of all, the opponent. By the way, the Frenchman made a record jump from height of 2440 m. And its parachute from white silk in the form of an umbrella had diameter about 7 m, on present concepts, ordinary option.

At rather developed imagination on its destiny it is possible to construct a quite good plot - having involved the aeronaut in space dismantling at the height about 2 km. Or having awarded his sheer amnesia from - for oxygen starvations of a brain. And further - on

knurled If you want to be closer to the world of art, it is possible to remember the person who came to this world on January 31, 1921. It is about Mario Lants (a scenic pseudonym of Alfredo Arnold Kokozza). It was necessary for destiny that the famous conductor Sergey Kusevitsky, having listened to this transport worker taking singing lessons recommended it to opera theater of Boston. And Bostonians never regretted about this acquisition.

After the end of World War II the tenor Mario Lantsa acted in concerts in structure bel canto trio with George London and Franses Yind. And when in Hollywood seriously attended to the embodiment on the screen of an image of great Caruso, the choice of the director of the movie fell on Mario Lants. And the grateful audience with impatience expected when their idol, at last, debuts on an opera scene. Did not wait: Mario Lantsa died at the age of thirty eight years on the historical homeland - in Italy. He was followed by thousands of Romans to the grave.

In 14 years of the creative life its voice was embodied in 800 works and seven movies. It was called the solar guy from Philadelphia . It was generous, tender, recklessly cheerful and tragicly sad. All the life it helped poor and gave to asking. In it it was infinitely open and zhertven. To a great regret, people not always answered it with the same.

You love history, and she will always answer the same. Both will give a food for thought, and will open heroes of the past. And with their help and you will be able to become a little well-known