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How to diversify sexual life of couple, or Councils of glossy magazines

Even the husband most in love later stops being three years the ardent beloved . (E. - L. Voynich) - sad truth which any couple whose joint life celebrated the specified date should face. But it is somehow unreasonable to consider the relations unpromising, being based only on the fact that in a bed it became a little bit boring. Ladies` glossy magazines are well familiar with this problem therefore in them with an enviable regularity articles with councils appear how to diversify sexual life. Having selected the ideas, most suitable for our couple, we realized them. Estimates and conclusions I bring to attention readers.

1. Classics of a genre.

Enclose the notes of love contents which are warming up imagination of your man . It is simple, I solved. Notes in pockets, SMS - ki by phone, lipstick on a mirror - my imagination worked at full capacity. However, with the text there were some hitches. For a start I decided to be limited banal I Love / Wait / Want . The result was quite good. The husband appeared at height.

the Assessment (on 5 - a mark scale): 3.

Shortcoming : it is necessary to overcome confusion from an unusual way of the announcement of the desire, in recent years we got used to manage nonverbal means of the invitation in a bed.

2. The most widespread council.

Remember how Kim treated Mickey in the most known erotic scene of the movie Nine and a half weeks settle at the refrigerator or take fruit in a bedroom, - and start laying. Your friend will estimate! . Well, directly so to the refrigerator I could not. Having made necessary stocks, I settled with Darling on a sofa at the TV to watch nightly news. Absolutely incidentally strawberry falls on his courageous breast Further - a trick. The spouse again at height. And I was pleasantly supported with strawberry with cream. Exhausted all barrel.

Assessment : 3.

Shortcoming : it is necessary to choose a moment layings because not from any program even the most interested husband will be able to distract. Besides cream is not absolutely useful to a figure. I am consoled that the subsequent sex eats the received surplus of calories.

3. Role change.

Become for one evening the vamp / woman of easy virtue / young Lolita - and you are surprised how many passion it is hidden in heart of your man . I stopped on the geisha. Prepared (read ordered at the Japanese restaurant ) sushi and other seafood, took from a kimono clothes subsoil, organized space on a floor, having outlined - came to a plaid of pillows very orientally. First it was somehow feel ill at ease, but after food process went.

Assessment : 2.

Shortcoming : existence of risk that Blessed you will come from work tired and not in mood, and all such to a kimono

4. Change of a situation .

You got used to have sex in a bedroom? Get over on the nature, in the car, on kitchen, at last! . Oh, it with pleasure! To revive old customs, so to speak. Ah, where only we did not practice when we only fell in love?! Over time, having had an opportunity to do IT in a bedroom, only there also lived. And, how many romanticism in the diving mosquitoes! What emission of adrenaline at thin movie theater! And how many orgasms it is possible to collect in the car on a roadside of main road! The method of check of objects clear that in parks to us it is awkward now, and at movie theaters fully to the people, it appears. Old kind machine sex played a role in change of a situation.

Assessment : 4.

Shortcoming : got used to silence, it is already more difficult for cosiness and comfort of a bedroom to be chosen to the public and, above all - to collect the thoughts in so extreme circumstances.

5. We add a highlight.

Change the behavior in a bedroom: if you are always silent, begin to talk; if the night lamp always burns - extinguish it; break sequence of poses, try new. Detailed studying sex - councils roused me to experiments in a bedroom. The tied with a scarf eyes, silk scarfs, ice cubes, lotions for massage - it is original, but the greatest effect was rendered by champagne in (my) mouth during oral sex (Darling). He estimated action of bubbles and to me the part of drink went to the head.

Assessment : 4.

Shortcoming : not all experiments were successful though time for search of the most interesting was spent with mutual advantage and to mutual pleasure.

6. Morning exercises.

The Erection at the man happens to five times in a night. These need to use! Well, at night I could not catch these four times because it was difficult to make it in a dream, and here I did not miss a morning session. It was necessary to set, however, an own alarm clock to open eyes for fifteen minutes before Darling, but such way of reveille was pleasant to it. And as time was not really much, session was excitingly fast.

Assessment : 4.

Shortcoming : it is sometimes difficult to force to wake up for 15 minutes earlier.

7. Joint reading.

See together hot magazines or frank movie. And then repeat a plot in the bed . Not too new way for our couple - therefore I showed the imagination and drew ten erotic drawings, having palmed off them on viewing on the Only thing. That studied homebrew Kama Sutra brought couple of additional strokes and used book as a crib.

Assessment : 5.

Shortcoming : at first wanted to write here that the inability to draw can become a shortcoming. But on the other hand - it can be irreplaceable advantage! So it is possible to tell that the way has no shortcomings. Besides it is so possible to state the undercover desires.

8. Small separation.

Separation aggravates feelings . It is difficult to argue with it. For bigger fidelity I combined this way with item 1. Expenses on mobile communication did a small hole in the family budget, but the result of the first marriage night after return Precious home from week business trip was vpechatlyayushch.

Assessment : 5.

Shortcoming : not always it is possible to find time for separation. And in general - very much I recommend.

9. Excommunication from a body.

Many happy couples in marriage are religious people and owing to this fact are limited in an opportunity to have sex that gives it (sex) a special charm . We are, of course, not too religious people, we observe posts not so that it is very strict - in it trouble of our generation of atheists. But why not to begin spiritual self-improvement? My idea was such. Injured full breakdown. The husband, (what to hide) I could not submit to the schedule in sex.

Assessment : 1.

Shortcoming : if there are no bases, then all refusals of sex under any pretexts are perceived not too well.

10. Return to sources.

After numerous sexual experiments happens very pleasantly to return to habitual rituals . I confirm. When to me bothered to experiment, we remembered how we do it usually. Also it seemed - as though new. So sex - experiences are good also the fact that it is always possible to return to the ways of occupation checked and perfected by years of joint life love.