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Where to earn additionally in the summer?

As were told by the poet: I in killers would go, let I will be taught … - well, and further in the text. As you already understood, this article is devoted to choice of profession for the summer. Of course, it is possible in the summer and not to work, and to be winded to have a rest at the sea or to go to the grandmother to the country, where for days on end to run barefoot on manure and to drink moonshine in unlimited number. And how to arrive if there is no grandmother, and the trip at the sea from - for shortages of money began to be equated to flight in space? It is necessary to go to work and where - I will tell you.

Very first that should be made, it to buy the newspaper in which announcements of all employers of your city are collected. As a rule, they are called equally - Work and education Engorodsky business and all in such spirit. Now we should choose work.

to Settle to work with of the Watchman

by this profession it is possible. Unless you did not dream of easy night work at which it is possible to sleep, read, drink beer... yes though a hook to knit? The main thing to guard it is necessary to be employed something obviously not really valuable, kindergarten, for example, or production plant a rail. And that instead of suppressing beer in a witness mark, it is necessary to climb with the winchester the protected territory. But there is one problem - salaries of employees of this branch of a national economy leave much to be desired. Otherwise most of men all life would work as watchmen!


If you got used to drink a day vodka not less than a liter, then this work for you. Since morning drank, swept and have a rest all day. Though weather conditions of our Homeland especially will not allow to relax: snow, wind, as they say, stars night flight. Though, of course, the schedule of work convenient, is the fact. And besides - the salary is small.

Food production

is much simpler to be arranged some baker in a bakery presently, than you think. Change of labor at these enterprises is similar to a water cycle in the nature. This work very heavy, but is paid for it well. There is a mass of pluses of such work, for example the use of that type of production which you perform, and also all its components. It means if you do rolls with chocolate, then except rolls it is possible to use also chocolate separately. The real luck is considered to get for work to shop on production of ice cream, on the street of heat, and you in tons eat greedily ice cream. But be careful! From surplus of fresh ice cream there is such misfortune as a meteorizm (uncontrollable production of gases from an organism by an anal opening).

the Bartender

Here some think that the bartender is a person who thumps 24 hours a day, and they... in something are right. The good bartender, as a rule, likes to drink, but as in this business it is necessary to be able to be the good interlocutor, it is convincing to flog binge and at the same time not to be fond of binge most, the good bartender understands that competently it is possible to work only for the sober head. Pay the bartender a little, but there is always a chance to raise the income at the expense of an incomplete filling, shortchanging, the received tip and the unaccounted remains of alcohol which get to the bartender as an award.

the Waiter

All think that the waiter is a female profession. It`s not true! The first waiters were only men. If you were not deprived by the nature of good appearance and dexterity, then get a job in the nearest restaurant. Salary plus tip. And still feed free of charge...


Really good work. If you seriously think that 2+2=5, then it is offered to you to be the seller the destiny. At this profession the mass of bonuses. At skillful shortchanging already not the small wages are raised many times and the schedule of work of most of sellers very convenient: week you stick, week of the house.

the Builder

Here where should not miss! A sock of bricks on the twelfth floor, a solution vymeshivaniye, constant risk to be hit the fallen brick on the head and, of course, harmless for an organism smells of paints and construction dust. But all inconveniences are compensated by quite high compensation. If you are a bull 33, so, blow to work for building.

the Loader

the Principle of work of the loader is under construction on three main skills: to carry very heavy objects, to drink and not to ask much excess questions. Work as the loader very heavy, but profitable. Besides, loaders of grocery warehouses have the right to eat production which does not have a trade dress: imperceptibly rumpled a can with red caviar, wrote off it at the commodity researcher, and it yours - eat, be not bespotted!

Ya was given by not the complete list of the professions which are not demanding qualification. There are a lot more different types of activity: courier, assistant to the cook, assembler, etc. Choose on taste! On it my mission of the guide in the world of dirty work is finished. ARBAYTEN!