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What it is impossible to refuse, keeping to a diet?

of the Diet. What great variety of diets is thought up! Crazy it is possible to go! It is simple not to count all names. Therefore I it to do and I will not be. Let`s talk better about another - whether and as far as diets are really necessary and effective they?

Long time I personally considered that the diet is the evil. Having come to sport, I understood that I was mistaken. The diet is a terrible evil! In the layman`s hands. But not everything is so bad, it seems so. Actually a diet (observance of a certain diet) - a thing necessary, it is only necessary to approach it very carefully. And I will help you to clear some moments now.

It is representable such situation. You decided to go on a diet to grow thin a little. The first week, well at most two weeks you very quickly throw off kilogram behind kilogram. But then the arrow of scales stops on some mark and does not want to move in the smaller direction more. And surplus on problem places both were, and remained. Why does that happen? At the expense of what you lost weight? And why you do not grow thin any more? I am sure that you already asked yourself these questions. Usually at this moment you catch a cold, and on it the mode of a diet comes to an end. Familiarly? I believe so.

Let`s sort this situation. Everything really happening is quite logical. And from the point of view of physiology it is easily predicted. As a result of a diet you limit the organism in nutrients. usually most untwisted diets from glossy magazines exclude from a diet not only fats and carbohydrates and that the most terrible, protein. As a result the organism looks for own reserves for obtaining energy. Usually in glamourous magazines write that in this case the organism will read to burn fat. Actually all absolutely not so. And any doctor will tell it to you.

Physiologically in us other scheme works. Its essence is very simple - conservation of energy. Especially in crisis situations. And a diet in our case crisis situation. And if the organism lacks energy, then it begins to look for its sources in itself(himself). And there is not a lot of options - muscles and fat. Also it will begin with muscles! Destruction of muscular tissue almost does not require energy, only water is necessary. And protein as you, probably, know in our organism can turn under the influence of these or those processes both into carbohydrates and into fats. And the organism splits your muscular tissue for production of necessary energy.

For fat splitting ours the organism needs not only water, but also it is a lot of energy, and also vitamin D. If not to lift body temperature, then fat will not be to burn in internal fire chambers of our organism. And it demands considerable power expenses. That at a diet for an organism - unattainable luxury. Therefore fat remains untouched, and you lose weight only due to loss of muscle bulk and loss of water. All this causes deficiency of protein of which our immune system consists. And we become more subject to colds and other diseases.

Well, how to you? Terribly? Be not afraid how I already wrote, not everything is so bad. Just the diet has to be individual. And to be formed for you the dietitian. It, proceeding from features of your organism, your vital schedule, will make for you a diet. Where everything will be balanced.

And for those who did not decide to go to the nutritionist yet I will give several simple advice.

1. It is not necessary to refuse proteins. It is the main product. Otherwise your organism will have no building material for restoration.

2. Do not exclude carbohydrates from a diet. It is a power source. Main source. Just replace complex carbohydrates with simple. Instead of bread, potatoes, macaroni etc., eat fruit. Better bananas, oranges, grapefruits, apples. They will supply you with carbohydrates which are completely processed and are not postponed in fat.

3. Do not exclude fats from food. Vegetable fats have to be. Otherwise without them in an organism vitamin D is not produced. And without it it is impossible to burn fat. Such vicious circle.

4. Drink more water. 2 - 3 liters are a minimum (if there are no contraindications!). Without water not to burn fat.

5. Also accept mineralno - vitamin complexes (consult to the doctor what most suit you). Otherwise diseases not to avoid.

It is only small part of all truth about diets, but also it will give you the chance to understand as all this is serious.

Good luck to you in hard battle for a beautiful body and a healthy organism!