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Whether it is possible to win hazing in army?

Hazing in the Soviet, and nowadays Russian Army, arose in far, victorious 1945. You do not hurry to throw in me stones, dear readers - I yours faithfully treat the veterans of the Great Patriotic War who passed a difficult and terrible way; but let`s glance together in not it and the remote past of our country.

Newsreels of those years showed echelons of soldiers - the winners who are returning home. However the most part of soldiers continued to serve to 46 - go, 47 - go and even 48 - go years. Everything is correct - it was impossible to demobilize huge army at one stroke. The soldiers tempered and trained in fights had to prepare to themselves change, pass on experience to recruits. But imagine a state navoyevavshikhsya to a stupor of men, many of which was already under, and even for thirty: home it is necessary, to wives, children, economy, on the earth the world - what service here. Also they counted up days to demobilization, polishing deserved awards and medals to gloss, telling young tell-tales there were also tales about war.

Recruits, owing to age the gunpowder which was not in time to smell, with envy and with admiration looked at awards of veterans, listened to their stories, involuntarily adopted habits, a manner to dashingly break a peak-cap or to shift a garrison cap on a nape - young people in all centuries could copy idols. They did not refuse and to defend an excess dress, to clean the automatic machine which was recently mowing friyets, to cover before the administration grandfather gone to absence without leave. Through a two-three of years they will indulgently pat new replenishment shoulder: you serve, children, we already otpakhat the .

New round hazing received in the fifties when service life was reduced since five years in army and seven years on fleet to three and four respectively. The children called later could get demobilize together with those who to their appeal managed to serve several years, and sometimes earlier. If originally non-statutory relations kept on sincere respect for old-timers, on secret recognition of their seniority then clarification of a question who more grandfather fell by the level of squabble and even fights.

In the seventieth service life is reduced again: till two years in army and three - on fleet. History repeats itself, but in more rigid form. However, it is necessary to remember that the general cultural and educational level was at that time much higher, all graduates of technical schools and considerable part of children with the highest and incomplete higher education were called up for military service that, undoubtedly, left the mark on relationship of regular soldiers.

In the ninetieth service life that is reduced to a year and one and a half, come back to the old scheme. Plus Americanization cinemas - and telehire - the strengthened physically yesterday`s children strive to try on on themselves roles of Rambo and Terminator. Plus the unbridled beer advertizing - as result, a large number of beer alcoholics. Plus the general destabilization of society - in the sick state cannot be healthy army. All I mentioned casually - huge layer of problems, on each of which can be written not that article - the thesis.

Present hazing from it fist right - it only the consequence of unreasoned reforms multiplied on old, sovok concept of protection of official authority: In our army there is no such phenomenon, and cannot be! .

As it is known from a school course of physics, a triangle - the most rigid figure. Not casually forms of bridges, the bases of the heavy equipment and cranes are designed in the form of the triangles connected among themselves. The earth once too was based on three foundations. And on what keeps hazing ? On fist punishments? On fear? It is a superstructure, and basis - a difference in service life, that is at this phenomenon only one point of support; even not a whale, and so - a small fish of a hams in own juice.

From each desperate situation there are at least two exits. Hazing - not an exception. I will not invent the bicycle (all davny - is thought up for a long time), I will just remind possible options:

1. Contract army. It is impossible to transfer all army to the contract at once? Give step by step, on types of military forces, for example. First of all it would be logical to transfer to a contract basis technical a type of military forces - RVSN, the Air Force, air defense, the Navy.

2. Post-Soviet Estonia solved a problem, having removed the cause - a difference in service life; all persons liable for call-up are called for half a year, get primary military education, and depending on military specialty of times in 5 - 7 years pass retraining.

3. If to leave the current scheme of a general conscription, then personal criminal liability of each officer, commander of a platoon, a company, etc. for each case of the non-statutory relations is necessary. Certainly, along with it (not later) it is necessary to give in hands to commanders " in any way; control levers the methods of moral and material encouragement and punishment adapted to modern conditions.

And, at last, it is time to stop hysteria " around; hazing . It is impossible to close eyes to this phenomenon, but also black PR - heart-breaking advertizing of an army lawlessness - only in harm and armies, and to society in general. The situation - that is quite solved, and it is not obligatory at the level of the president of the country. Not to be unfounded, I will give an example to which I am the witness.

The separate aviasquadron of air defense in which I served was near Novosibirsk. In the huge garrison which is fenced off by a stone fence from the town there were many military units: both operators, and gunners, and however, not important. Hazing prospered in all parts - where in more where in less rigid form - except for a squadron of the Air Force which barracks were located directly under us, on the first floor. The ensign whose surname I, unfortunately, do not remember was a foreman of this squadron; in 45 - m - the son of a regiment, one of the boys who lost all relatives in war; later the superconscript - for him the army was not just favourite work, and more likely the house.

Rise - it already in barracks; a release - it in barracks; front occupations, hozrabota, a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner - it with the soldiers. When the person slept when he spent time with a family - nobody knew we thought then of it. It did not do discounts for service life to anybody, all were as equals, everything was under the Charter. Rumors went that one of zealous supporters hazing trying to bring the orders to ITS part, he sent to a disciplinary battalion (a disciplinary battalion; in fact - army zone ). It was enough once and for all to discourage to the non-statutory relations the others. You will tell, an exception? But why on to the citizen we consider as norm a responsible attitude to work, and in army - an exception?

So the lever for capsizing of the " platform; hazing it is quite simple. In total it is also necessary - that: to generals, officers and ensigns to cease to politicize, commerce and personal records during service, to refresh the Charter in memory, to remember the direct duties - what I sincerely to them and I wish on the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day.