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How to finish incomplete affairs?

Incomplete affairs take away a lot of energy from the person, and pull it back. It is freight which needs to be dumped successfully to move forward to the purpose.

But from where incomplete affairs undertake, if the person tries to be successful and, it seems, everything does correctly? Often incomplete are affairs raising doubts or connected with those spheres of life in which the person has so-called emotional blocks.

Dear reader, imagine that at you on a table the set of requests, projects, tasks and other things which you sincerely would like to refuse, but you are afraid lies, as if you were not counted bad . And you postpone the refusal , and meanwhile the short glass of unpleasant papers grows, the problem a nail sits at you in the head and distracts your attention from important and necessary issues.

Some affairs remain incomplete because you do not have enough knowledge, experience or not a certain system that these tasks to solve. Others collect just from - for inabilities to work correctly. Yes, also it happens.

Wonder: what needs to be made for full completion of this or that task? And consciously take the following step: finish unfinished business. If you cannot finish it, then entrust it to someone to another or get rid of this task forever.

This tactics is applicable not only to affairs, but also to things. Think whether your house, garage, giving is cluttered up with old unnecessary things, the outdate and broken equipment and another? Whether all this stuff is necessary to you? Of course, no. Get rid of old and make room for new. And not only in physical, but also psychological sense.

do not cling to old things and the relations. That the happy future could be already shown more stoutly in the present, it is necessary to finish the past.

Carrying out such clear-out, you clear problems, difficulties, will understand opportunities and the relations. Having left a disorder, you will attract to yourself long-awaited abundance.

Walk on all the house, giving, garage, and in brief write down that irritates you, disturbs and angers, and then eliminate these trifles or, or ask someone to help. You remember: it is necessary to eliminate everything! Even not sewn button on a dress or a suit can sit a nail in your head. Let small, but this nail imperceptibly pulls your forces, and takes away from you attention.

Gather and finish unfinished affairs before to move forward.

There is an approximate list, which you can add after you walk on the house with a notebook and the handle:

1. Unnecessary documents, records

2. The postponed letters

3. The broken

4 tools. Non-working

5 equipment. Unnecessary computer

6 files / programs. Things which you do not carry

7. Old and useless autodetails

8. Unpaid debts or financial obligations (money which has to you or to you) of

9. Outstanding promises

10. The incomplete personal relations with someone in which all points over " are not placed; i

11. People whom you need to forgive to

12. Situations which you need to rethink once and to cease to scroll them in the head

13. The old not working installations, beliefs

14. Thanks which were not stated by you or to you.

Arrange in the right mind, in the house, garage, at the dacha clear-out. Be exempted from old and make room to new. Let in prosperity and abundance the life!