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How it is correct to go across Cis-Baikal, or Burkhan, you remember me?

Were required not a lot of time to understand and estimate - besides the swung open opportunities to watch the world outside the country, there are much these opportunities and in its limits. And these limits - oho - go. Not for nothing four-eyes analysts grumble - there would be an order in the country, be it to Volga, but not further Is much farther than

- there where Baikal, the sacred lake on sacred coast.

Is unconditional, travel across territories with various cultures and traditions bring many new impressions. But the main thing, perhaps, and there, and here - to agree with one important rule, to accept it simply as truth in divine instance: as it is accepted here, and do. You become that who lives in this country, and then you will not be to clash with the district, you will be able also to be combined with it as a small fish with an aquarium.

The rider, climb up from the horseman!

Travelling around Cis-Baikal, will surely be led up you to meet burkhana. They attract attention when you, curious, ask - and what rags on a tree at the road are? The matter is that each district has the owner. He protects the territory entrusted to it, and, most often, it is connected or with very beautiful landscapes, or with sacral symbols and curative sources. Anyway - the owner of the district exactly here lives, and you need to ask his arrangements. Here strangenesses begin.

word " In itself; Burkhan - it tyurksko - Mongolian modified Buddha - god, Buddha - mister. Owing to surprisingly harmonious merge of beliefs and traditions in the territory of Cis-Baikal, ancient beliefs of a hadasha, Shamanism, a Lamaism and the Buddhism were here such striking example - Burkhan.

So, hi, Owner! Trees in ribbons are wishes of the happy road to themselves, favourite travelers, hopes for wellbeing and good luck. The tribute to Burkhan is paid in the form of all valuable to the person - it can be the matches or coins symbolizing something very necessary. It is hard to say when, but also such tradition - " appeared; to burkhanit - that is, to drink hot and to have a snack properly. Sometimes it looks awful - the bus with travelers, is perfect any and on each Burkhan - again a feast. Most likely, the tradition " was so transformed; to splash - that is, to give to Burkhan a vodka quantity according to shaman rituals.

The habit in itself to drink from the plastic glass established on a cowl has no anything traditional - in traditions the Buryat there was never a loose alcoholism even in very serious occasion. Only the taken place men who already won the could drink dairy vodka, gave birth to healthy children and put strong economy. Yes, they were able to afford, singing steppe soft to an ega - the gay to sip an arkha flat dish, grumbling on slow descendants. Traditions of travelers were others - the Buryat surely had to descend from a horse, greet the owner of the district and ask for himself some kind of blessing. And having only passed a site where there lives Burkhan, the rider sat down on a faithful racer again and could be quiet that that will not sprain a leg.

As you please how you will be going to show respect for Burkhan. But here that strange. Even the most inveterate sceptics who make the way by car to the island of Olkhon, know - to burkhanit it is necessary. Bothered already - the tire will burst, the car will die out. Some disgrace, eventually!

How today`s Cis-Baikal looked, having undergone a set of absurdities not on the fault (burkhana in policy are hardly strong), be polite in this territory. Do not hurt it, try not to profane it garbage and the bad thoughts - just lose all this garbage, and more to it do not come back. Dip palms into water of Baikal, turn back to Hamar - to Daban, greet Sayan Mountains. Here once there passed Jesus Christ (old men - shamans so claim), Genghis Khan spent much time here, here happened, and there will be still surprising events. From here Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and Herbert Wells - changed came back. This edge will very easily explain you the main principle of coexistence of the person and his mother - the nature. We are inseparable from each other. We consist of the same elements, as the nature. If we make thrifty use of each element of the nature - and with us everything is good. If are negligent and do not send where to throw a package from - under kiriyeshka - as though forgot to put on a scarf, and the ice wind on the street penetrating.

I have a request - will meet Burkhan, say hello to it from me. Well?