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What is Flying Dutchman and how the science explains this phenomenon? Ghosts of the seas

Expression Flying Dutchman for certain knows to all. But especially well seamen are informed on it. If in your family someone goes to the sea, ask it about the Flying Dutchman, and you will hear the most tall tales. Some seamen will tell you that they saw this mysterious vessel in the ocean more than once, - the ship without fires by which there was no live soul. But from where there was a name Flying Dutchman ?

The legend says that there lived once Dutch captain Van der Deken (according to other source, Van Straaten). He was a drunkard and the blasphemer. And once, in 1641, near the Cape of Good Hope its ship got to a whole gale. The navigator advised it to take refuge in one of bays, but instead of listening to council, Van der Deken pulled out the gun. The shot was distributed.

- With everyone who will go against me there will be the same, - the captain growled, addressing the frightened sailors, and pushed a leg the navigator`s body. Probably, this threat did not bring to reason team, and the captain started the gun again. Since then and Van der Deken`s ship wanders by the seas.

It is possible that stories about the captain Van der Dekena - the ordinary legend, but is based it on quite real facts.

Remained certificates on the piracy ship Flissinger under Nicholas Yaarri`s command. Assume that on the vessel murder and team was committed, fearing punishments, was afraid to come into ports, and other sources claim that onboard the vessel epidemic of some illness and therefore any port did not want to give a haven to the ship flashed. So he also remained to wander by the seas eternally.

Believe that a legend about Flying Dutchman was born in an era of great geographical discoveries when seafarers moved off in searches of India. In attempt to round Africa from the South, they encountered on strong winds, a storm and dense fogs, but most of all seamen frightened legends of the sea monsters attacking and absorbing the ships.

The first Portuguese Bartolomeo Diasci in 1487 reached the Indian Ocean. It, however, did not reach India. Sailors, tired from long swimming, rebelled and demanded return home, and the ship turned back. But in May, 1500 during a storm at the Cape of Good Hope Bartolomeo Diasci was missing together with the ship.

Its satellites, however, floating by other ships successfully reached Lisbon and began to spread mystical rumors that the captain Diash was damned by God and is forever doomed to float by the seas. Superstitious seamen quickly believed that God punished rebellious Diasci. The legend extended as epidemic, from port to port.

There were years, and number of meetings to the sea with the ships - ghosts continued to grow. " insurance company; Lloyd counted that only from 1891 to 1893 1828 messages of captains on a meeting with " were registered; Flying Dutchmen . Even the special conference discussing a question what to do with " was organized; the ships - ghosts . The decision to exterminate the last was made. In oceans tens semi-flooded, the broken cases of sailing vessels met, to them and warships which shot went, set fire and blew up them. This operation lasted up to 1930 when the American warships destroyed 267 such neglected vessels.

History of navigation knows many mysterious and mystical finds the ships - ghosts . One were completely left by team, and on others found corpses with horror masks on faces. Allow to acquaint you with some of such finds.

In September, 1860 in Drake Strait the sailing vessel with the captain`s corpse onboard was revealed. He sat at a table, before the logbook in which last entry was made on May 4, 1823. It said that the vessel is jammed by ices and 71 days there is no food .

In 1875 British met the vessel which got stuck in ices. On its board found corpses of the captain, young woman and several sailors - all of them stiffened in unnatural poses. The last entry in the logbook was made on November 14, 1862.

Steamship Beichimo in 1931 got to ice captivity. On a signal of SOS two hydroplanes were sent, they took away 22 persons. The captain and 14 sailors remained to protect by the ship valuable freight - furs. Seamen moved to the coast and set up camp, but one morning they did not see more than the vessel. Later the ship was observed by many seamen in different parts of the globe. The last mention of it is dated 1962 where Beichimo saw in the Beaufort Sea, floating along the coast, and covered with a rust.

Routes of some left vessels are really surprising. For example, American schooner Whyte in 1888 from - for strong leaks left team, continued to float across Northern Atlantic. In a year it passed over five thousand miles and at the beginning of 1889 ran aground around one from the Hebrides.

Several years the American schooner " drifted by the seas also; Fannie Uolsten thrown by team in 1891. Despite a strong leak, it stayed afloat and moved under the influence of the Gulf Stream Current with quite high speed. In only three years it passed more than 8 thousand miles. During this time it was seen by more than forty times. Forever Fannie Uolsten disappeared in the fall of 1894.

To this day historians, writers and even criminalists are concerned by mysterious destiny of seamen with Maria Celesta . The two-mast brig found on December 4, 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean went under full sails. Onboard there was a full order, but the team was absent at all.

In February, 1948 radio stations marked a distress signal in the Strait of Malacca from the steamship Urang Medan . After repeated SOS sounded: All Died . The rescuers who rose aboard saw a terrible picture: the captain, sailors and a dog were dead, and on faces of people there was a horror. But that the most surprising, on corpses was not signs of violent death!

In 1969 similar cases were registered. It was reported about two deserted yachts found in July days near the Azores. Onboard there were food stocks, drinking water, saving equipment.

But before writing off all these examples on sea monsters, space newcomers and even the Satan, let`s look what is told by modern science about it.

Still in 30 - e years V. V. Shuleykin found the infrasonic fluctuations arising in the storm area. The wave of an infrasound moves with a speed about 330 meters per second and much more advances speed, the hurricane which generated it.

Biologists in the laboratories put experiments with animals and with people - volunteers on studying of an infrasound and its influence on a live organism. During experiments, both people, and animal had feeling of baseless scare. The infrasound was stronger, the it is worse than a consequence from it: internals at examinees began to vibrate, and they shouted from pain. It is not safe at all. Heartbeat can increase so that there can be a rupture of arteries. It is experimentally established that the infrasound with a frequency of 7 hertz - is deadly. And during a storm in the sea the infrasound with a frequency of 6 hertz is formed.

Influence of an infrasound extends even out of sea limits. Before storm in coastal areas the number of road incidents increases, the health of people worsens.

Quite also the fact when the trouble happened to vessels in good weather gives in to an explanation. The storm could storm for tens and hundreds of miles from the accident site, but the infrasonic wave came to court and depending on its force there were also consequences. From a weak infrasonic wave of seamen covered fear, and they in panic ran from the vessel on boats, and waves of strong frequency just killed seafarers.

Annually in the seas tens of vessels disappear, without having managed to send a mayday call. Perhaps, the reason of their death is also an infrasound.