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How it is correct to clean a carpet?

Who told that cleaning of carpets - it is simple? Yes, probably, nobody spoke. Most likely, it was postponed at us since the childhood when mother spoke: vacuum What here difficult if this work is trusted also the child? And when the father took a carpet in the winter and beat out it on snow? Yes same it is even cheerful! Whether so everything is simple actually? Let`s understand. I Will begin

with the fact that the pure carpet is health literally. Yours and members of your family therefore the negligence is inadmissible here. Let`s consider all known to us and the most popular options of cleaning of a carpet.

Cleaning by the dry vacuum cleaner. all So do. We every time will not get a carpet from - under furniture and to go to beat out it. We take in hand the vacuum cleaner and - forward. There is only one but. Even purging one - two times a week, you will not provide with the ordinary vacuum cleaner the necessary purity. From there is an allergy. For this reason, buying the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary that it was with a turboshchetka. Turboshchetka will allow to shake up pile and to pull out the deeply sat most down dust. At the same time the turboshchetka restores the trampled-down bristle. If carpets in the house much - take care of purity of air what the vacuum cleaner with akvafiltry can help with.

Knocking-out of a carpet. One of ways habitual to us. You sometime noticed that how many do not beat a carpet, dust all the same flies? It`s true. As beat out, and dust all the same remains. Here - that the problem is especially sharply felt, besides, this way is inapplicable, for example, for the carpet laid once and for all.

Damp cleaning. two options are possible Here - or you carry out cleaning manually, or by means of the washing vacuum cleaner. I strongly recommend not to carry out similar cleaning of all carpet. You will not manage to dry up it with residual humidity even of 15 - 7%, and the damp carpet is a soil for development of pincers and microbes. Remember

: the carpet has to dry well before it appears in your apartment, and it has to dry under the influence of direct sunshine or by means of the special drying device.

Damp cleaning is carried out as simply by water, and by means of chemical means. There is also a mistake. We dissolve chemical solution, we carry out manual cleaning or cleaning by the vacuum cleaner, and are happy with purity. Do not forget, than you would not clean a carpet what chemistry would not be used, surely carry out neutralization by usual water. That is, the first time you carry out cleaning with chemical solution, the second time - simply water.

Before applying chemistry, try its impact on your carpet on a small site. Always is option of the fact that paint can be washed away.

Any damp cleaning demands a carpet pile raising. It becomes, as a rule, manually by means of a firm clothes brush. If not to lift pile at finishing drying of a carpet, already after a while you will see considerable differences in how pile settled. In places where pile will be crossed at the lower level, excessive deleting of a carpet and drop-out of pile will go.

More and more people practice delivery of carpets to the cleaning companies or just on car wash. This way is justified. If there is no high-pressure apparatus at your place, use services of the organizations. Under the small pressure of 70 - 100 bars from a carpet that dust which is inaccessible to the vacuum cleaner and a brush is washed away. However before delivery of a carpet on car wash be convinced of professionalism of those who will clean it. Big pressure of the device can damage carpet pile - the carpet will be forever spoiled. With the cleaning companies which are carrying out cleaning, more simply. It is only important to be convinced, than cleaning and also by means of what chemistry will be made. Be not too lazy, ask to look at the canister of chemical means and the certificate on it. It is very important as many carry out cleaning by usual household means, including a laundry soap. Nobody says that quality will be worse, but the probability of it nevertheless is present.

you Treat cleaning of carpets seriously. It not only beauty and a cosiness in your house, but as we found out, also health.