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How it is correct to tell the head about salary increase? Welcome

, everything that will be described in this article, is related to receiving any remuneration, perhaps, single - upon performance of concrete works, it is possible - to continuous increase in a basic unit of a salary, and also it can be directly connected with a request to promote you. I write this article as the head of the company whom approach with similar questions therefore I also described those highlights which it is necessary to carry out and, on the contrary, what

should not be done. I Will begin

what you should not do. In - the first, whatever valuable employee you were, know that your arrival with the letter of resignation and blackmail of the head words: You will not raise a salary - I will leave will not lead to anything good. Even if the head will not have chances, he will lift to you a salary, but right there will begin to look for the new expert. In - the second, never try to arrange silent blackmail, telling the employees who are especially brought closer to the management what, here supposedly to you is a little paid, and you are ready to leave the company at any time. In - the third, forget words: How many pay, here I and work . If you receive low (in your opinion) a salary - either leave, or continue to work, for 100% carrying out the duties.

Three main described above a mistake take place, and often all - pass in the small companies with the soft inexperienced head, but in the large company you will lose work in a moment. For this reason it is necessary to approach this question on the other hand.

So, you work, but begin to understand that your salary too low or just low. Before going to the head, it is necessary to be prepared. In - the first, you have to be sure that for the last period (one or two months) you had no violations (or, at least, there were no gross violations) that you in the specified time frames carried out all instructions, besides, you did even more. And so, at conversation with the head you do not say about what you do in the designated framework (you do it and are obliged to do). You say about what you made over planned. It is good to buttress up these words by facts - the list, the table completed with forms. Report that, in your opinion, you quite cope with the duties and are ready not only that are ready, - already you do more, and you expect from the employer of salary increase, it is normal - good work has to be paid well. Operate with the facts. Refer to the competence. If you work in the company 4 - 5 months - it is a high time for a request for increase. Reason. Tell the head: I came to work four months ago. When I came, I knew specifics of work a little, I distracted you and the colleagues, asked questions, but now I work independently, besides, I already help others.

Never refer to other departments and other employees. There are only you - what occurs at others, you does not concern. Any comparisons. You only take care of yourself, darling.

Now about career development. In large and medium-sized companies career development of the employee is planned. But even if there is no it, you can define a new position and if you have an intention to occupy it, - at once act. In this case the decision is equivalent is suitable both for salary, and for career development. Directly ask the head: I want to hold this position what knowledge is not enough for me that you appointed me? As a rule, your personal interest and aspiration is the first and the main defining fact.

of One of forms of salary increase is additional functionality. Tell the head that you would like to carry out still something for in addition payment. Still something can be anything. From mentoring before really non-core work. Mentoring, for example, and the truth takes away an extra time, but nobody said that to you have to raise wages just like that - something needs to be done for this purpose. Non-core work can become at home or in the evening, for example, work with bases and so forth. Gradually in consciousness of the head need to raise wages is postponed, and you will be able soon to refuse uninteresting work (with the same bases) and to ask more interesting including profile activity.

I the last: never be afraid to speak about a salary. You speak about it before employment, precisely fix approximate terms and conditions of salary increase. The real head, having seen your desire to earn, always it will estimate and it will work in your advantage. I wish you salary increase! Earn more!