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How to survive in radiation zone?

After people created the nuclear weapon, the world constantly are under the threat of death. Not only the account to the victims on millions and billions, but also radioactive infection of everything escaped, especially at the genetic level at people, plants, animal will be result of atomic warfare. Many types will die out, and nuclear dust for long months will close the Sun. There will pass centuries before Earth partially is restored after terrible accident.

However radioactive infection can arise not only in case of war. On the planet there are enough places with the raised radiation background. In such places often there live people who know about danger, but do not wish to leave a dead zone. All remember the Chernobyl accident. Still on wormwood territories meet the inhabitants calling the infected zone the house.

As to survive to people who are forced to be long time in radiation zone? I offer the basic rules which performance can save life. So, it is necessary:

1. Daily to carry out damp cleaning indoors.

2. In the nearby territory to dig out all grass - it accumulates radioactive dust.

3. To leave street footwear and outerwear behind a house threshold. These things after socks need to be wiped with a damp rag.

4. To eat food only indoors.

5. Before food to wash hands, and to rinse a mouth soda solution.

6. To dump household waste in holes not less than 90 cm in depth

7. Not to eat fish since she has property extremely actively to accumulate radiation.

8. Not to drink from unchecked sources.

9. On area of a thyroid gland and wrists to draw iodic lattices.

Separately it is worth reminding that it is not necessary to eat the vegetables and fruit which are grown up in the dangerous district at all!

However some products are suitable for use after the corresponding processing. For example, meat. At first 3 months freeze it, then carefully wash out, presoak, then cook in a large amount of water, after cooking pour out broth, plentifully salt meat, separate it from bones and throw out bones. Only after all this meat, to be exact what from it remained it is possible to eat.

I hope that into practice this information should not be put, but nevertheless it is necessary to know it.