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How to organize the action devoted to purity at schools?

In our country and in the countries of the former Union are enough holidays devoted to purity and environment protection - for example, Day of environmental protection, Day of health, Day of reserves and national parks, the City Day, the Earth Day, a city community work day, eventually, etc. But, as practice shows, it is not enough similar actions, and many of them become simply inefficient. Understanding why, it is possible to answer this question so: because the understanding of need of purity has to be cultivated since the childhood and therefore and it is necessary to influence children, and through them and on adults - their parents. So, how to organize and carry out a similar act and, actually, why it is necessary for you?

I Think, all it is not indifferent where we live whether it is pure at us in the yard, at an entrance, and therefore each of us can organize the action devoted to purity at school of the child.

For a start needs to set the object. In this case the action purpose - consecutive impact on the population of the city, (the district of the city, the settlement) for the purpose of formation of competent behavior and healthy vital style.

Further it is necessary to be defined who will be the organizer and the co-organizer. From the very beginning it is necessary to attract library, hospital, and, actually, administration of school as support. The principal with pleasure will act as the organizer of action and will provide all necessary resources - the main thing, idea.

At the following stage needs to make the address to inhabitants. The same printed-out sheets will need to be spread out in the school foyer on tables. Addresses of the A4 format will have approximately such text:

Dear residents of the area! Organizers and participants of the action " address you; NAME . Look around how many dirt us surrounds: empty bottles, cans, glass splinters, dirty boxes, cleanings of vegetables, old house utensils and a set of other things are scattered, and each of us contemplates this unpleasant picture day by day. And the order in the yard depends only on ourselves. Physicians are concerned about a hygienic condition of our yards, purity of the yard and our health are interconnected. Many inhabitants forgot, probably, that in order that the yard did not become soiled, all waste and garbage should be collected in a certain place, but not to scatter on all massif. We appeal to you to support our initiative. Let`s fall in love with that place where we live. We support the address with the signatures.

On changes the studying schools, teachers and parents will put down the signatures under the address to inhabitants with a request to pay attention to a condition of our yards.

Children, besides signatures, on the initiative on sheets - addresses can finish the thoughts and wishes. Then these sheets need to be distributed among locals, such addresses can be glued on entrances of houses. And parents, in turn, will be able to note interest in a problem and to show desire to change current situation.

to Organizers needs to gather a team and to charge to it to prepare the printing materials capturing the essence of a problem and initial ways of its decision. School group of ecologists within action to prepare and hold an exhibition of drawings where not only persons interested from different classes, but also children from kindergartens participate. Little fans of purity can share the impressions in drawings too.

It is safely possible to tell that this action (action) Pure yard (area, city) will bring the results. Whether there will be less garbage already today? Of course, no. It will become less in the future. When the attention to a problem rises from the public - it is one and when the public is represented by children, the perception of adult population changes.

The main thing in this action the fact that children on own initiative make efforts in the solution of problems of the city, and it, in turn, speaks both about due education from parents, and about serious participation of school in educational process. The child has to do the remark to parents and passersby about the bottle which is thrown out on a lawn or the sidewalk from - under mineral waters or a pack from cigarettes. Only in this case there will be a change of consciousness which hated will leave, notice, to each of us, a stereotype that we have a dirty city.