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What is service our way ? Well, no, we have no

yet, by and large, the perfected civilized service. Ingratiations and smiles counting on an additive to tip or extra fee are a yet not good service. And there is a wish to open the office, an office of the doctor, a pizzeria or shop - anything, and just to write at an entrance: Excellent " service; i.e. other than habitual. And everything that will be done there, - it is simple to serve it normally and culturally.

With service and workers our telephono - gas - light - and the water providing offices it is better to face as seldom as possible. Basic population other offices and establishments available to visitors, are Burnt by the Sun people who every time do over themselves effort to find for you a little time and attention. It is necessary to pay tribute that they manage it, but only after you manage to blurt out who you are, to be exact - from whom and why came. And here all is equal to the drying personnel in places of a public catering of average category who you are such. However, they always estimate a professional look the potential tip, and on as much are glad to try - but is one ruble more!

In one of pizzerias it is necessary to hold the international competitions in discipline who will more slowly reach . Having caught sight of the visitor, girls at first will discuss him in the company, then minutes ten will talk about the, about maiden, and only then will send somebody in investigation . Sad or frankly angry faces as seasoning became already accustomed to pizza, but somehow together with food I happened to swallow nearly an impressive piece of glass - probably, from the broken glass which remains got to dough. The waiter, having caught sight of it, only passionlessly shrugged shoulders and hasty cleaned ware. But it is still florets. It would not be desirable to shock anybody, but few times it was necessary to eat the same pizza in full view of the hungry cockroach running on a wall directly at a little table. The called-up waitress habitually brushed away it from a wall (probably, they were familiar) and left, even without having found time to apologize, ask to change or to somehow relieve the tension. Well, it is clear: the client it is more - the client less

to the Shop assistant of one of nearby shops should work as the supplier of patients to the local neuropathologist. On a greeting and on " words; please it absolutely has no reaction. Moreover, it has no reaction to clients. And there is a wish as to already mentioned neuropathologist to click before her unseeing look fingers. It with detachment stands behind a counter, always looking through you. Having trampled on this side barricades you try to draw its attention with loud and articulate transfer of goods which are necessary to you, but on that party - the silence, and only wind whistles on the steppe. At last, in 5 - 7 minutes she unexpectedly wakes up from a lethargical sleep and turns on you the same unseeing look: What? . You begin to list again, this time even more slowly, and you pripechatyvat a finger to a counter. But at it not only a problem with hearing and with skill to communicate, but also with orientation in space. The direction of a finger for it at all not the decree: it will surely take something else, and then will long sniff if you correct it.

In shops nonfood - it is not better. It normally works? . And why should not work normally?! - feeling that the seller only also waited to whom to be linked. Because once it was already bought and thrown out in three days . At us?! . No, in other shop, but just the same . So do not compare us to others! - it is proud the seller of quite mean shop blurted out, and its remark on heat and emotionality reminded me other remark, from classics: So do not get you to anybody! . To avoid the consequences taking place in Ostrovsky`s play after these words it was necessary to retire hastily from this monasteries local service.

Reception at the doctor in policlinic is something memorable too. The medical staff quite often gathers at one of colleagues for the coffee lasting for the whole day. As a result you get on the real consultation. Trying to outvoice each other, doctors and nurses briskly tell something, however, at appearance of the patient for a minute calm down. Well that at you? - constraining irritation from the interrupted communication, the doctor is interested. Even if the throat hurts, somehow there is no wish to tell it to at least ten people in white dressing gowns at all, and, especially - to lift up before all a sweater. Because after listening of complaints and listening of lungs all attendees (from the ophthalmologist to the proctologist) begin to state the version of a possible indisposition. Another time the stomatologist, having detained, sorry, in my tooth the tool on whole half an hour (!) nervously found out all this time by phone with the workmate, why did not deliver the Dutch hens . I is serious: it appeared, it opened grocery store, and left stomatology, probably, as a hobby. And the fact that service level in hospitals is directly proportional to the sum which the patient has it already is not even discussed. After all this, even with the cured throat and the sealed-up tooth, just there is a wish to leave forever - not in literal sense, of course. However, and about sense literal Not only to understand position of people who of idle curiosity do not address funeral services, but at least normally very few people find time to fulfill the direct duties.

Here you do not know, what is better: to take food Lady Otreshennosti, essential from hands, in shop, is pizza in the company of cockroaches, to go for reception to doctors - businessmen or already to order an orchestra. Most often there is no wish for either the first, or the second, nor the third, and just to find, at last, the place where just will be excellent " service;. At least other than habitual.