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How mass media do of living people - brands?

What is a brand? The brand is a trademark with the developed image. This term happens as consider, from Latin brand - or from the Scandinavian brandr - to burn down, burn out a brand, a brand. Since ancient times of a brand (brand) only the high-quality goods received.

Bright representatives of nominal branding are: Madonna, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and many other people are the carefully worked images, brands created by years. The press watches each step of the well-known brands of the world, and all want to look, put on and live as a favourite idol. to Take

, for example, to Paris Hilton who is she? She is a successor of the empire of Hilton - one of the world`s largest networks of expensive hotels. The millionaire who since the birth got used that each her whim is executed in the same second Paris lets out the line of jewelry, perfume with the name on a label, let out a solo album and already became the actress. Who does not want to live so? You can not answer. The press writes about it, and we stick into these articles, we watch her life from a TV screen, we love it or we hate, we envy and we admire, but we watch her life. The press can uplift any person on an Olympus of glory and it is also easy to crush it even if this person has huge talent and high creative potential.

In Russia is too the brands, big names, images which love and at the same time hate: Ksenia Sobchak, Dima Bilan, Yuli Bordovskikh, Zhanna Friske, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

Here Ksenia Sobchak what she achieved in life? It has all each young girl dreams of - it has rich parents who grew up the child in luxury. What is she engaged in? She is celebutante, the fashionable party-goer, the glamourous representative of the Russian elite. The girl who is not engaged in anything, and at the same time working without cease. She is a TV host, prepares own book for an exit, conducts a column in the fashionable magazine, is a person of a youth fashion line, acts in the program about herself, favourite. All respect, envy and at the same time dislike it. Once Ksenia visits an exhibition of the unknown artist, and on this exhibition all beau monde of show - business right there will appear suddenly, and they will make it a name to nobody to the unknown artist or to whom there it came and what difference, it had Ksenia Sobchak. Than not a brand? Ksenia - an ideal of nominal branding in Russia.

Other history: who knew Zhanna Friske when she was a participant of " group; Shining ? Yes, it was seen, sometimes even heard her singing, but about it not spoken, it was not discussed, about it not written and it was not worshipped. Certainly, against Zhanna`s talent you will not trample, but she could make the name only thanks to excessive work. When after tours and performances of group all her participants parted to have a rest, Zhanna continued to work, she did not pass any fashionable party, struck up acquaintances new already necessary for it. Zhanna was engaged in creation of a new and loudest brand. A brand from capital letter, under the name Zhanna Friske . Who is she now? Zhanna is the enviable bride, many men would wish to catch her in the wife! She is a singer, the actress, and at the moment one of the most sold show brands - business.

Each city possesses loud to names, the sold brands. Singers, journalists and just famous people from various areas are people who are loved, respect, are ready to imitate them, on them want to be similar, and all this is elite. Elite - the stereotype imposed by mass media. These are the same people, as well as everything, just they achieved a certain situation in society. They lead full-fledged life and continue to be improved in this or that activity.