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What is propagandized by mass media?

of Mass media - a daily source of data on world around for the vast majority of people. Information with which they supply us is not always authentic. it is terrible to

to present how many the person daily perishes from acts of terrorism, ill treatment, accidents, violence, wars, the international conflicts. And what today the younger generation disturbs? The main problem is connected directly with safety - it is life and health of the young man, physical, sincere and spiritual. Most of young people of Russia are concerned by direct threat of life and to health. Reasons for this purpose set. Many do not feel safe on streets, rise in crime - one of the dominating fears of youth, they are afraid of war, diseases, they are disturbed by an ecological situation which is also directly connected with health.

The world is full of cruelty and violence, and from it not to get to anywhere. Mass media claim that life dangerous and terrible piece. Most often, mass media, overturning any information or a situation upside down, inflate from a fly of an elephant. Many people perceive mass media as a voice from above - that speak to us, we also trust in that. Mass media abuse kind and fair acts, seeing in all the hidden motives or backgrounds.

the Young man has to have feeling of vital prospects, and it is, first of all, creative realization, so, education, a profession, career, an opportunity to reach a certain welfare and to provide the future family which it is unexpected contrary to the stereotypes imposed to mass media comes to a role of the leading value in the opinion of youth. On what mass media constantly repeat that today every second marriage breaks up and that in Russia birth rate continues to fall every year.

Let`s give to youth a freedom of choice, we will let them know and experience this or that life situation on the experience. Young people have an interest in marriage, and we say every day to them that: all marriages break up, make a right choice, understand yourself, find the person with education, perspective work. They listen and begin the search, choosing more successful or perspective people, but unless the marriage constructed on sober calculation can long exist? Do not forget about love and do not impose to the modern young Russian the opinion.

What is the main thing in work of the journalist? To study as it is possible more deeply the set material and to tell about it as it is possible for the bigger number of people. Journalists have to make laborious work, collect the scattered information and influence that material was impartial, not to express the opinion on this or that problem. The journalist is obliged to remove the I on a background and to inform of the necessary information the viewer or the reader. The journalist, covering any problem, has to carry her us from the different points of view.

A problem of modern journalism - in a constant lack of time. Whether journalists in short terms can collect a huge number of information and light it from the correct position and the point of view of various people? Not always. Journalists know how to obtain information and how to make it quickly. They try to obtain information as soon as possible, without special difficulties and problems, and it as often and happens - doubtful sources.

Mass media possess the most dangerous weapon today - information. The most important - carefully and competently to use the obtained information and to submit it in softer form.