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How to get rid of boredom and to decorate the life?

Happen, there will pass month or year, and to remember and there is nothing. Happens, the truth? Affairs, cares, work, routine, life, family, friends And beats out nothing from a number of ordinary everyday life. And what is remembered to us for a long time, leaving pleasant feeling in soul that day is lived not for nothing? As a rule, what causes in us surge in emotions, something new and unusual, interesting and not banal. And it means - it is necessary to give itself the days unlike at each other!

The calendar of holidays is not much

of Holidays in a calendar. Besides the majority of them do not concern us at all. But about such pleasant events as the World day of embraces, Day of kisses and the International day thanks nevertheless it is worth learning. Having carried out audit of a calendar, find out what dates matter for you and make own schedule of celebration of life. Show the imagination, and it will never be boring for you!

For example, the Constitution day of Mexico - the excellent reason for a dinner on - Mexican under chords of national music, the International Children`s Day is directly created to go to the nearest children`s home with gifts, the Buddhist holiday of clarification of Dugzhuuba as well as possible is suitable for clear-out of the apartment, and in Day of lamps it is possible to practice in production of red Chinese small lamps and to decorate with them the house.

It is in addition possible to think up the mass of own significant events. In our family, for example, there is a Day of cake. Every month, 15 - go numbers, we devote a couple of hours to creation of the next culinary masterpiece. Having tried the mass of recipes, we already know how to cook more than three tens various cakes - biscuit, sand, puff, cottage cheese, fruit. And recently we had a Holiday of Theatre. We pledged each other to go to theater of the twentieth day of every month. It is absolutely simple to invent an additional occasion to be glad lives - it is necessary just to show a little ingenuity.


the Quite good way to vanish and receive a cheerfulness charge - to bring together the company and to go to excursion on the hometown! Perhaps, only it seems to you that you know it backwards, and this day will be for you a real discovery. Than you it is worse than tourists who listen to interesting stories of this or that building, streets, the enterprises, educational and medical institutions, monuments of culture and architecture? Try, surely it will be pleasant to you, and will be about what to tell friends and acquaintances!

And you know how many in your city of the museums? Why not to aim to bypass them all? Present how it is exciting to feel as the person who visited all museums, at all exhibitions of the hometown. It is desirable not just to walk, of course, on halls, and to order full excursion accompanied by the guide. It will be much more cheerful and more interesting, than to read information on plates. And with good memory you can bring into this museum of friends next time and act as the guide, having surprised all with the knowledge.

Sport that sport prolongs life lightens

mood and well influences appearance, knows everyone. Besides it is a magnificent opportunity to have a rest and distract from routine. If you agree with all aforesaid, then you, most likely, with sport on you . But not to start missing from monotony, it is expedient to make " from time to time; zigzag towards sports, unusual to you. To the bodybuilder - to play game - another of tennis, to the swimmer - to visit yoga paruurok, to the tennis player - to try dances, to the gymnast - to be influenced by operation of exercise machines

If you still did not make friends with sport, correct this misunderstanding rather! Try all little by little to find what suits you. One trial occupation costs absolutely not much, and in some clubs is free at all. Sport is the best way to diversify life, to fill it with events. In the summer it is always possible to distract from cares party in tennis, to go to a skating rink in the winter or to register in dancing studio.

Travel Is possible

, the best way to paint the life in bright paints - to go to travel. You will tell, time and money for this purpose are required, and holiday happens once a year? Even if all this so, it is always possible to travel! It is optional to go to the distant countries. Around there are a lot of places where it is worth visiting. It is possible to go for the weekend to the neighboring town or even the settlement, in a day to study all local sights, and with feeling of the fulfilled duty to come back home. Believe, impressions of such small tour happens not slightly not less, than from ten-day stay in expensive resort.

And if you two, you are young, but were tired of household routine a little, the hotel will help ! Have the room at least for days, walk on the city, having joined hands, sit in cafe, come into the nearest shop, buy fruit, champagne and go to hotel. Carelessness and romanticism will make the business, and one more will be added to a moneybox of pleasant memories.

Do the life bright and cheerful! The main thing in this case - not to put off what can be made today!