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How incrustation of tooth becomes?

of What wish you for holidays? Joyful laughter and happy, dazzling smiles! And the smile will become really brilliant if to decorate tooth with a precious pebble... to

By the way, it is interesting that originality and refinement of such ornament were appreciated already by representatives of one of the most mysterious civilizations of the planet - ancient Maya.

They decorated the teeth with inserts from a natural stone - nephrite and a jade. However, to poor creatures it was necessary to go for the sake of beauty and fashion on really hard victims - procedure was rather painful. Fortunately, the modern person of suffering of the Maya is not threatened: achievements of stomatology made procedure for strengthening of a paste absolutely painless.

Main techniques two. The first assumes a paste attachment to tooth special structure. Procedure does not injure tooth at all, and the paste will hold on several weeks and will not manage to bother.

In salons this service is called dent - art or application on teeth . It takes not enough time, it is painless, does not harm tooth enamel, and the notorious drill should not be included.

Most often in salons offer pastes under diamonds, sapphires, aquamarines. The size of stones varies from 1 to 4 mm in the diameter. These are the applications of the small size having the flat invoice thanks to what do not cause any inconveniences during the carrying, food, toothbrushing. However thanks to features of an internal facet the pebble literally burns and is poured from within.

It is possible to choose not sparkling pebble, and a goldfish, a half moon, an asterisk.

Having chosen a pebble - application, you decide on what tooth you will attach it, - as a rule, on that which is visible at a smile. The stomatologist as he knows a structure of your teeth can give the best advice and will take care that from - for natural specific features application did not bring you unpleasant feelings.

The expert processes a tooth surface the special structure which is used when bleaching teeth. Then the adhesive substance which passed clinical tests in the Swiss research laboratories on tooth applies application.

On average application keeps about two weeks. If bothers - it is possible to come to salon, and experts will accurately remove a pebble (only do not do it in house conditions!) . And if, on the contrary, very much it was pleasant - it is possible to fix for longer time. Then adhesive substance will be the structure applied to sealing of teeth.

The second technique assumes stronger strengthening of ornament - for example if you want that the smile sparkled the real diamond as, for example, at Leontyev.

Inadvertently not to swallow such jewelry, it is necessary to make incrustation: tooth is drilled, a tooth is filled, on it the stone becomes stronger.

Modern technologies allow to fix jewelry and pastes on teeth as separately, and as a part of a gold design. Incrustation, of course, is much more durable than the pasted jewelry.

On any of technologies the stomatologist of high qualification has to strengthen a paste: destruction of tooth or continuous traumatizing by decoration of an internal surface of lips is inadmissible by no means.

Pay attention: the decorated teeth demand special leaving. On ornament there can be a raid, food pieces therefore gloss of a paste or gold asterisk - a question of hygiene and discipline. Execution of this simple condition - guarantee of the most dazzling beauty of your smile!