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Whether what is cybersport and sport it?

Are interesting that, for example, Cup of Baltic on cybersport by Committee on affairs of youth it is supported with the good purpose improvements of mass sports and sports work in the Kaliningrad region, strengthenings of health, the organization of active recreation and leisure of youth and teenagers .

A, apparently, what can bring this sport for health, except hemorrhoids? (In literal, medical sense.) Plus sight loss. Or mental manias and dependences... And the positive effect - whether is it?

But cyberathletes are sure - it is sport. And what to hemorrhoids - so chess the same professional harm has. And if who says that three years of trainings put sight and cause diseases oporno - the motive device - so show sport in which the champion will retire without fractures and injuries!

Anyway, but Russia - the first-ever country where computer sport is officially recognized by the state as a sport. Since March 12, 2004 cybersport is an official sport in the Russian Federation. Of the State Committee on Physical Training and Sports of Russia computer sport was entered by the order No. 226 of March 12, 2004 into the list of the sports recognized in the Russian Federation.

So what is cybersport?

The cybersport essence, as well as all sport in general, consists in competition of people with each other. Only sports disciplines are special multiplayer computer games which allow to compete with each other in real time and in team.

As well as in other command sport, team interaction, the general tactics of players are fulfilled. For example, on Cup of Baltic a lot of complaint was caused by the disco arranged with organizers which prevented cyberathletes to exchange words with other players of the team - naturally, with live.

( Killed as well as it is necessary, have to be silent in a tyutelka, otherwise disqualify.)

In some measure cybersport can be compared to the races Formula One - it is sport of high technologies where, as well as in motorsport, not only people, but also technologies of various producers compete.

In cybersport it is necessary to work brains, not as in chess, of course, but all-. Accuracy is necessary, let also virtual. Reaction develops. Cybersport develops ability in advance to count the actions, to analyze, increases intuition and coordination, ability to high concentration and adaptation in situations of mental loading.

At last, in cybersport there is a passion and there is money - as well as in any big-time sports. Players, especially nonresident, naturally, interests, than will award - money or " iron; (computers and accessories)? Teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tolyatti, Syktyvkar, Nizhny Novgorod, the neighboring countries - Vilnius, Kaunas, Tallinn, Riga, etc. are gathered often. And to carry won " iron; moreover and through border, and then to divide It is necessary to sell on cheap stuff. Therefore it is better, of course, when prizes give out money...

Opinions from forums:

100% sport. On it teams and certain players earn money. There are sponsors, there is an advertizing, there are shows. There is EVERYTHING that is in usual sport. If something is absent, then tell what .

Where here physical activity? Eyes you blymat and a mouse you pull?

The Matter arose concerning chess. Boxers still for sport do not consider them. Because the head not only in order that in it is, appears .

The Cyber - games develop only an atrophy of muscles, except fingers sport, remarkably useful to health, .

Professional sport in general is a little compatible to health .

The cybersport essence, as well as all sport in general on a bigger measure consists in competition of people with each other .