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How to emphasize the uniqueness of

the aspiration to stand out from the crowd and to declare publicly the identity is inherent in Each of us. With it we are helped by visit of all citadels of beauty - from an inexpensive hairdressing salon to modern boutique. In the world every day becomes more and more things urged to emphasize our uniqueness: whether it be trousers in a cage, a square beads, nails and varnishes for them

But how not to get lost in such variety and to manage to define unmistakably the thing? I want to tell about how to achieve harmony in the image, to emphasize the true nature, and therefore - uniqueness.

In art of pulling to himself delighted looks it is necessary to treat with all attentiveness the next moments:

1. One of the basic rules of creation of a harmonious image consists in observance of rules of coloring. It means that at selection of clothes, cosmetics and accessories it is necessary to consider the tsvetotip. And exists them, as we know, 4: winter and summer are cold tsvetotipa, and fall and spring - warm.

2. I think, I will not peddle to you old stuff if I tell that it is at the same time recommended to use no more than three flowers. However very few people know that black and it is crystal white is not colors, and therefore the ensemble will not be broken.

3. Nobility the colors - a condition necessary, but, anyway, insufficient competently to build a complete image. And it is not difficult to make it, the secret consists in a proportion. If you use 2 colors in clothes, choose a percentage ratio 80/20 or 70/30. Strangely enough, a ratio 50/50 image makers advise only in couple red - green. When using three flowers to you proportions 70/20/10 or 60/30/10 will become most favorable.

4. It is considered that accessories express all essence and soul of the person, and therefore it is necessary to treat the choice of accessories with all responsibility. Various additions to your image are chosen to match clothes, but not under color of eyes or a make-up as consider many.

5. Details of your image have to correspond to type of your person. If you have a person with accurately outlined lines, then the preference is given to accessories, details of clothes and patterns, soderzhashchm straight lines.

Owners of persons with round and smooth lines can by the right enjoy accessories, details and patterns, and also ringlets and ringlets similar to lines of the person - it they will approach as well as possible.

And whatever was your choice - trust the intuition and be not afraid to eksperimetirovat! You will be appreciated!