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What to begin the business with?

For many the hypnotic phrase the business strongly is associated with independence, financial freedom, optimistic dreams of tremendous pastime (free) and the prospects promising fabulous earnings. But statistical data break similar illusions in ashes: the profit is made by only a third of the enterprises, a third more reaches a profitability point, the remained third, alas, represents the failure enterprises. The reasons of such gloomy picture, according to experts, - the incorrect choice of a segment of the market and incompetence of the top-level management. However you should not despair, in our century of high technologies there are opportunities to open rather profitable business in any sphere. And these opportunities, besides, do start of the business much cheaper. So why not to try to found own company?!

A step - idea

your idea is 1 what will define further success of the enterprise. The idea has to be original, non-standard, but the most important, it has to inspire you on further feats . Your idea - your guiding star. But if it is absent for the present, it is necessary to pokorpet and bring her scientific in the way, looking for inspiration in the hobbies. Carry out the analysis of niches in which most often try to obtain success, and try to think up what else is not present. Of course, it is easy to tell but a lot of things depend on it.

A step 2 - testing of idea

of One idea, even supershaking, alas, insufficiently. The idea is obliged to work . Therefore at this stage you need to discuss the idea with the competent and knowing people, to attentively listen to all remarks, to bring in need of an amendment. However at a stage of discussion try as it is possible to inform more clear and in more detail of the thought interlocutors.

A step 3 - team

Having lit up idea to open the business, you have to realize that your function will consist not only in the management. Your task to combine the mass of positions, you have to be both marketing specialists, and the lawyer, and the accountant, and the economist, and the manager, etc. Therefore, so far all only in plans, try to find cofounders who would be experts in areas necessary to you - it is much more favorable. Therefore this stage is very important, its correct organization will allow to make the enterprise effective and to considerably reduce risks.

A step 4 - a basting business - the plan

Business - the plan - the tool by means of which you will be able to issue your idea in a clear and available form. You should submit this document to the potential investors and the team. Your business - the plan has to reflect (without fail) such factors as target audience, characteristics of a product or service, strategic objectives, forecasting of the income, differences of a product (service) from products which offer the competing organizations, benefits of cofounders. However remember that should not be done:

to Ask potential investors and business partners to sign documents on nondisclosure of a trade secret. In - the first, nobody will sign anything. In - the second, the similar trick gives your inexperience.

the fastest way to a failure - unreasonable optimistical forecasts.

do not exaggerate the experience, the truth all the same will reveal sooner or later, and the reputation will be lost irrevocably. But your honesty will be appreciated.

5 - registration of legal entity This stage should begin a step with

with definition of the name under which your boat will come for business - open spaces. The name has to be simple, clear, ideally - memorable, however maybe strange, but at the same time to meet the same requirements. After the name is chosen, go to lawyer office and register the firm. The firm has to be registered even if you for the present have no team - it is a guarantee to your potential investors.

A step 6 - office

Without office today, in - the first, it increases your prestige in the opinion of the public anywhere, and, in - the second, existence of office positively influences efficiency of your employees. But, choosing the room under office, weigh everything for and against . There are four main rules by which it is necessary to be guided in this question:

Do not overpay for rent, it should not make more than 4 - 6% of the general expenses. be not fond of

of too expensive repair and any similar trifles.

do not sign the lease contract more than for one year. do not overpay

for not used space.

A step 7 - again business - the plan

So far you were engaged in registration, search and finishing of office, the situation in the market could change therefore again analyse the business - the plan and the real situation. If there were any changes, bring them in the document. Besides, for all this time you could have new ideas, they should be marked out too.

A step 8 - action

That direction in which it is necessary to work depends entirely on you. But anyway you need to fight for the idea, to gain authority of buyers, business partners. Important value should be given to advertizing: invent the original courses to advance a product or services on the market, originality always in the price.

Generally, dare! You pass from a condition of the contemplator of foreign progress into a condition of the businessman. Not time to hesitate - if you do not realize the idea now, be sure, it someone will surely make for you another!