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How it is correct to prepare and drink coffee?

the Fashion on coffee houses overflowed Russia quite recently. And whether much we know about the real coffee? The real coffee is meant as boiled ground grain coffee of the best grades, but not instant drink of doubtful taste.

Around the world of coffee is not just drink . It is daily attribute of the business, self-assured person. Without cup of coffee it is impossible to imagine some business negotiations, informal meetings, romantic appointments etc.

of Coffee has the soul. The main task of the person cooking coffee - not to deprive of some coffee of his soul, that is its aroma, taste and aftertaste. Coffee as the beloved, has to be near, admire always with itself and warm soul!

We will begin with the fact that it is necessary to store grains of coffee correctly . As they well absorb foreign smells, they need to be stored in the dry cool place. As a rule, long it is not accepted to store coffee. Though there are special grades of coffee which for years are stored in warehouses and from it only become better and gain some aroma of a smoke. Ground coffee cannot be stored in general because its aroma quickly disappears.

Process of of preparation coffee as drink is full of riddles and is surrounded with something mysterious. Faultlessly coffee know how to cook only units. Actually it only competent knowledge of the chemical processes happening in coffee powder. But as it is drink of gurmanny type, it is necessary to train him first of all beautifully and so that the pleasure came earlier, than you began to drink coffee.

Some, cooking coffee in a cezve (Turk), are convinced that coffee is ready as soon as it was brought to boiling. It is the most important mistake. There is no wish to call such drink even of coffee. The matter is that after 98 - 99 C in coffee irreversible processes begin. Not only that coffee becomes sour on taste, so it because acids, harmful to a stomach of the person, begin to be emitted. It is ideal to make coffee in Turkish it is possible only on the heated sand.

In hot to the Turk melkomoloty coffee is filled, then it is a little warmed on sand, it is important not to overheat it! Then in the Turk sugar and spices (if it is necessary, of course) is filled up and cold water is filled in. That coffee did not begin to boil and evenly got warm, the Turk on sand needs to drive roundabouts, writing out the eight on sand. Every 2 minute it is necessary to mix a thick a spoon. As soon as coffee rose and on walls Turks began to appear bubbles, so coffee is ready. Then it is necessary to pour out carefully coffee in a cup. The good form is considered to add a teaspoon of cold water in order that the thick settled a little to already ready coffee.

And whether correctly we drink coffee? Before the use it is necessary to get acquainted with coffee that is to inhale its aroma that though to have a little an idea of its taste. It is not recommended to drink coffee in the morning next the heart as it can cause heartburn, and subsequently over the years stomach ulcer. Coffee in Turkish in general can be served without spoon as it cannot be mixed. But in many coffee houses do not know about it and if know, then do not warn about it the visitors and guests. Coffee needs to be drunk slowly, enjoying its taste and aroma, but not forgetting that it can cool down.

So it turned out that in Russia the fashion on coffee arose, but the culture of drink of this drink did not take root. Coffee have several thousands of shades of taste. Not to spoil impression of this divine drink, it is necessary to drink a glass of water before the use of coffee to wash out flavoring receptors of language and to help to perceive adequately taste of coffee. It can be taste of prunes, a citrus, tartness of wine, chocolate, vanilla, and many other Main not to forget

that preparation of coffee, equally, as well as its use is a big art which needs to study for years. It is important not just to drink coffee, and to do it with pleasure and respect for this fantastic elixir of life.