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What is necessary that we did not talk a mat? There are no

, probably, today the person who would not hear a joke: We do not use foul language, we on it talk . And as it is sad, this is true. From the child to the elderly person, from the worker to the scientist, without looking, the man it or the woman, most of people in the lexicon use all the famous words which on television replace with high-frequency peep.

But the fact that we not only do not give to this problem noteworthy is the most sad, and completely we ignore it, even we try to brag supposedly the more cleverly the people, the more richly at it a stock of substandard expressions. Now it is even possible to find the dictionary which and is called - " in the Internet; Dictionary of the Russian mat .

So it is necessary to make that we did not talk a mat? To find the answer to this question, we need to see all aspects of a problem because at first sight we see only an iceberg top. The big part lies in depth. Now, during so-called technical progress when the person completely discredits the personality under the influence of mass media, she, first of all, is formed by survival conditions on which he is simply obliged to be sharp and rigid, and sometimes and cruel.

I do not know how was 100 years ago, but, judging by elderly people, in those days the child learned secret of the birth at much later age, than now. And in our times the exit to the street even of the five-year-old child comes to an end with acquisition of big knowledge in sexual area.

Besides what we demand from children and teenagers if we at them use obscene expressions? Optional at the, but if you swear at other people`s children, then you thereby teach bad not only them, but also, theoretically, the children. As can quite be that children at whom you swear, know your children or friends of your children, and those, in turn, can distribute the harmful word among all the peers. And bad, as we know, it is transferred much quicker, than good.

Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the younger generation can be relieved of any curses if to avoid them. And to get rid of obscene words most, it is necessary: in - the first, really to want it. You will be surprised, but if it is strong to want something, then it surely will come. Of course, if you sit on a stool and want to get up, then you from it will not get up, that is that this desire was granted, it is necessary to do something for this purpose.

One more council: if you want to be told the abusive word, strike or pinch yourself, for example, for a wrist and bite tongue, or tell the first letter, and further continue the word so what it would find decent sense. However, the second method has the shortcoming because you can get used to pronounce other filler word instead of the abusive word. But it is anyway better, than a vulgarity.

Also try to define to yourself an interval of time for which you will not tell any abusive word, and little by little increase this piece.

Of course, to get rid at once of curses very difficult and is even harmful. If you long keep in yourself the emotions, then it can lead to emotional explosion, and at worst - to a depression. Some psychologists even consider that intelligent, reserved people live less therefore they recommend if you feel that you are very angry or close to explosion, just depart in a quiet place and there swear with all the heart, and better even you vykrichitsya. It is also possible to find some old thing and properly to otkolotit it, and at once it will become easier for you, you will feel certain freedom.

But, I warn, look for the place deserted, and that you in mad will be written down.

For the rest - try, and can be, sometime the word mat will mean only the chess term for you.