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How to help to serve to the son in army?

my Son in army in a system, and than I will help it?

It happened, and the most expensive and darling in your life, took away in army. I, mother as my son spoke, skilled . It served and already at home. And how many still them was there, is and will be?

Often you hear such words: There is nothing to Do " there; or there the hazing, a lawlessness and surely there will cripple it, will kill and I kostm will lay down, and it will not go to army .

Let`s present not on long that will be if all children stay at home at a mother`s skirt and will not go to army. Remember

how it was prestigious to do military service. Girls did not respect those children who did not serve. Let`s remember the movie, about Maxim Perepelitsa when he beat breast and was indignant on the fact that the village voted against to send it to army.

Where got to everything? As so it turned out that we stopped thinking about our Homeland.

Still there is a wish to pay your attention to how our children live on the citizen before and after army. Often it is necessary to hear such stories that kill after army, to army. That if it went to army, then he would not be put. And still absolutely absurd history.

Mother with the father invested the last money and redeemed the beloved child. This child, next day, on pleasures went to wash the military ID, killed very much, and it was brought down by the car, the final: death and parents forever, lost the son.

I tell all this in order that we reflected as we raise the children. What we risk, trying to protect them from army with the blind love.

So let`s return to a subject. But here it happened, the child grew up, not the husband yet, but already the man. To sit and to fondly inspire in the boy that he will not go to army also a point. Forgive just silly.

On it our first task to begin the child, from 10 years, to prepare for his direct task is a role of the defender of his family, his children and according to his Homeland if it is required.

And what the Homeland begins with? Yes, yes, an old oak, in a currant garden.

to Mean first of all, it is just necessary, to cultivate in our children love and respect for that place where he lives, to those who surround it. We need to teach the child to understand what is good and what is bad. And the earlier you will begin to do it, the better. Do not dare to relax for a minute. You remember, the child grows and as we will raise the children, and we will live the old age. Principle one, as the call, so the echo. Education methods, psychology on this subject are books much. I think, here to develop it not pertinently.

Well, the child grew up and so it turned out that the agenda to you not to avoid, the child at you not the child prodigy, further training at institute does not threaten it, and the main part man`s the population to agree with me, in the appeal to serve easier, than to be more senior than all children.

When I saw off the son in army, he asked that I did not cry. And I did not cry. And already then he admitted that was and is so terrible, terrible and it is not clear at heart and if still we roared in a voice, it would be even worse. You fasten mothers, and on tears of time at you still will be much. Vigorously smile, sentence, do not worry, do not worry, everything will be good.

Further, tradition (unclear from where undertaken) it in stuff to give to drink the recruit. Besides this in itself is immoral, can cause inadequate reaction of a young organism moreover if earlier your son never abused it.

Further, at distribution on recruiting station, your drunk offspring cannot hope that it will be taken in decent, serious part. Most likely, its fate will be prepared to be the bought same half-drunk ensign.

There are small subtleties and cunnings for the recruit to which we resorted in due time. It how to take money which oh as will be useful to the guy of his service at the beginning. It is necessary to curtail the note into a small roll, to solder in salofan and to hide in a mouth. There is a wish to hope that all this will become obsolete, and are not necessary to us, there will be, all these cunnings soon. Also will not take away from children what. But so far it is actual.

Still, let your child has at himself even in the summer warm things. Convince him not to dress sneakers and a jacket, habitual for it. Let it will be a usual padded jacket. Warm trousers, also buy it warm suede (like farewell youth) boots or half boots. Especially if his appeal is the share of fall - winter. And then your son will not endanger himself to overcool and ache.

Now, is necessary for you, at early age of the guy to apply a maximum of forces on that the child was also is physically healthy. Opinion that dithat otkosit from army for health reasons, sometimes not always passes, and result, it leaves is not prepared physically at all, and all loadings will really affect its health. If it otkosit from army, it has article and a brand: Not suitable for service with troops. will go with it on life. It can influence his career and the attitude towards him at its future work. And to explain to all that this article at it lime and it is completely healthy, agree absurdity.

Pay special attention on a dental health and the first that make when obtaining the agenda instead of to fly gallop in epicure to buy provisions and strong binge on farewell, spend this money with advantage better. You drag, the baby, in dental clinic and according to all program cure to it teeth. When changing climate, food and God forbid physical impact, weak teeth will cause terrible consequences.

Especially pay attention, on strengthening of immunity and enrichment of a young organism vitamins. It is clear, that it needs to be done since the child`s birth, but often we (mothers) worry not about it more. The main thing to feed, and to temper here the child for us and remains in dreams.

Well, here, the child any more not the child, but the young fighter, you inconsolable mother who sheds tears over a photo of the darling child. And not it is necessary to spend the energy for it, and all - to make every effort, on a side job of money if it is necessary to occupy, take the credit in bank and anything if only to go to the oath to the son. Believe me, he will estimate it, will be the happiest fighter in the world.

How many a pride it will have to flaunt before the person loved to it all those qualities acquired during educational preparation for the oath. I was on the oath. So it turned out that we had to pass before the beginning before a system of children, to find everyone the son and to rise on the opposite side of a corridor (the oath passed in a corridor of barracks, on the street was almost - 30 degrees Celsius, in Karelia and from a frost everything grew numb, and boots burst). When I passed I looked at their faces, it seemed to me that this so long system, children were almost all as like as two peas and all so attentively peered at our faces and looked for everyone the mother and even as though asked: You not to me? . And when I arrived home, I not only did not regret the spent money, I even on calmed down and began to wait for the son grandly many. It was easier for me because that I know where my son got.

We were decently met, showed how it is necessary to serve and in what conditions. Let it was affected, ostentatious. For me there was a main task, it after the oath to take away my newly made soldier to the God`s temple and to receive blessing. If such opportunity is not available, then all the same do not forget to bring to the son a simple cross worn on the neck and bless it. By the way, that now in army it is not forbidden and it is possible to descend in church before sending the son. And the cross worn on the neck is not taken away from children. And if you bless the child on business just (service to Fatherland) that and he will serve with honor and will surely come back home. The main thing in it sincerely twirl. And this belief, will help you to wait and not to court the son troubles quietly. And even somewhere and your strong belief of mother, will rescue and will save it from trouble. Besides conversation with the father gave to the son some tranquility in soul. Further I asked it and from now on to come to the Temple at everyone next dismissal.

What else I made, having arrived on the oath? Bought it socks, and additional couples a sock, I sewed to it under a lining in a pea jacket, and it at quietly carried by them without palev . And when old men began to sherstit youth after return them in part, at my son they did not find them and naturally did not select. And this cunning trick helped it to hide further so socks from all.

Then, just in mittens, hands, and under the charter and year of service of a glove froze, are not put. What we thought up. I sewed gloves in mittens. Sewed an elastic band of gloves to an elastic band of mittens, also sewed also fingers that they did not get out of a mitten at removal from a hand. It turned out very conveniently, it is practical and is warm.

Further, I made two secret pockets on a pea jacket, under a lining where a cigarette and some more trifles which under the law the young fighter should not have safely went in.

What our children first of all seek to make? They send to all relatives, friends, acquaintances of the letter, with the service address. How you think why they do it? Naturally with hope to receive letters, it is a lot of letters. But we often think that it not the main thing, is quite enough of fact that we call children. Oh, as deeply we are mistaken. Write the sons letters. I wrote every other day. Did not wait for the answer. Wrote everywhere where it is only possible. As soon as at me free minute dropped out. Wrote everything, wrote about everything. It was added to the fact that even some rhymes - neskladushka began to develop. Did not hesitate and sent them to the son. And asked it only one, to respond on my letters. Let there will be only one offer. It sent me drawings, verses which they write down in the albums. I extorted to it the finds on the Internet. Too verses, pictures and any at first sight nonsense. And that the most paradoxical, the closer to the demobee, the less often they write. But also they gradually receive less letters. Often the first who stops writing it friends further the girlfriend (now girls seldom wait for the children) and on it, it is necessary just to knock to army into their heads that fidelity of darling it not the main thing. And if so to happen, and she did not wait, then it is not the reason to ruin themselves, it was not the love. True love still ahead. And that it still, about it what does not know. And no who so waits is betrayed and is patient as mother.

Now all seek to serve near the house. I assure you that it is very difficult. Not only that the son insists that you came to him as to a summer camp, each day off. And it will haunt you, and on the contrary you will live all two years in a terrible emotional pressure.

And how many I know cases when children came to holiday and then, were just turned out on a wrong side not to go back to part. Now under the law to the soldier holiday is put. I applied all to that my son did not come.

In - the first, to it on the second year will be wanted home less. Yes in addition it will return a month earlier. And to you will be cheaper if you find an opportunity and during service, you will go to the son.

I, for example, went twice. Instead of going to the resort most, I went to holiday exactly there where my son served at that time. We took away it for a week and had a rest together, exactly there where it serves. Believe, it was interesting to us. We visited sights, I organized a shish kebab, went fishing, (it served in Karelia) organized to it the real, good bath and in general there was a lot of interesting even from communication. We talked much. And when we left, reminiscence from this meeting, warmed our souls.

Now I will focus attention that we send in parcels. There are such parents who manage to send precious the child, alcoholic drinks, perishable goods. It is a lot of any sweets etc., and here absolutely forget about the main thing vitamins, any, and the more the better. It is not forbidden and it is very useful. And hardly anyone - that will covet such message from old-timers and officers.

Further, cold remedies, tablets which will help our native soldier to avoid infirmaries and doubtful treatments by the paramedic. Unfortunately, as not comically it sounds, but it is not a joke, and byl, the bitter truth and a problem of our many military units. When all diseases medicine at them one. Further I sent to

ointment, like the house doctor or something else that will help in time to prevent any suppurations, chirik and furuncles which are suffered by our children in army. Constantly supplied it with anti-fungal means and means for care of legs. Our tradition to keep legs of soldiers in kersey boots and footcloths, under the charter (that is not clear at all, for what such reason and in what such terry year, this law was written) spoil legs.

is natural means of hygiene were sent in immense quantity. At first I sent the same, as at all. And constantly someone yes stole a tube of toothpaste, soap etc. And as soon as began to send good shaving cream, toothpaste high quality and not such as at all, these problems ended.

It is a pity only that earlier to me no who prompted it. On it I decided to write all this and to help the councils to all to whom it is necessary to endure pain of separation and expectations of our family and favourite children. And there is a wish to finish with the rhymes - not skladushka.

During a heat and an icy cold I am ferocious,

During a storm, or a blizzard,

Waits from you darling,

Waits from you for messages.

Forget offenses old

In soul keep heat

Remember that it gave

As to it it was heavy.