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What for an illness - itch?

Are a disease it is known since the most ancient times. Still Aristotle assumed that itch is caused by the smallest live organisms. The first authentic description of activators was given only after the microscope was created.

Any person, any age and a social origin can catch.

the Scabby tick parasitizes in skin of the person. Its activity causes allergic reaction with an itch and skin rashes.

The disease is transmitted in the contact way. From the patient to healthy pincers can get if people use the general bed, linen, clothes.

Shook hands with the patient - picked up an infection. Overslept in a bed on which slept sick itch - prepare for visit to the doctor. Mattresses and pillows in trains and hotels, private rental apartments become sources of a disease. Infection can occur if you, having bought a new thing, did not stretch it, and before tried on it sick itch of people.

To establish an exact source of infection can be difficult. The incubatory period lasts from 2 to 6 weeks at primary infection, and at repeated - of one day.

you Should not think that itch can be picked up only in Russia. A disease this international, and frontiers are not an obstacle.

The main symptoms of a disease are the skin itch amplifying in the evening and at night (it speaks not only heat of a bed, but also the fact that ticks lead a nocturnalism). There are small pink small knots with a bubble and a hemorrhagic (bloody) crust on a top. Besides, on skin can appear various form of a strip and a graze from having combed, the gnoyerodny infection - a pustulous disease of skin quite often joins. It strongly complicates recognition of an illness, and its current can lead to serious consequences. The severe itch leads to sleeplessness, feeling sick.

The female of a tick gets into a horn layer of skin and lays there the scabby courses where postpones until 50 eggs of which in 3 - 7 days larvae are formed. Transformation of larvae into mature ticks lasts about several weeks.

Scabby pincers get usually into thinner skin therefore rashes settle down in interdigital folds of brushes, on sgibatelny surfaces of hands and legs, in a waist, a stomach, buttocks, mammary glands at women, genitals. On a face, the hairy part of the head of adults of rashes usually does not happen. And at kids of display of itch can be on skin of hairy part of the head, the person, palms, soles. Stings, as a rule, steam rooms, between them under skin are looked through the courses of a tick.

At suspicion on itch, as well as at any other skin problems, it is necessary to see the dermatologist immediately. It is not necessary to be engaged in self-diagnostics as the nonspecialist can not distinguish displays of itch from other skin diseases. Self-treatment especially is dangerous, in this case chances of full treatment considerably decrease and appear the erased illness forms (for example, at preliminary treatment by hormonal ointments). The patients self-medicating constitute danger to people around as are a source of an infectious disease.

The diseased has to follow instructions of the doctor strictly. It is desirable for thing of the patient to process in a special chamber, and at impossibility of such disinsection - to iron the hot iron, to air on air within 5 days, at a frost one day. A bed and a floor under it to disinfect doormats.

If in the house of the patient with itch there are animals, it is necessary to consult about their health with the veterinarian. Perhaps, they are also an infection source if they had contacts with vagrant animals.

By the way, can be an etiology of people and itch which animals are ill (sarkoptoz), she is called by other species of ticks who do not take root into skin of the person, on it do not breed, from the person to the person are not transferred, but bite so that there is a skin itch (psevdosarkoptoz).

It is necessary to consider, as after extermination of ticks the skin itch - as allergic reaction can remain. Incidence of itch also depends on the general condition of immunity of the person.

An illness it is easier to warn, than to treat, but if it came, early diagnostics and treatment are necessary.

Is constant following rules of personal hygiene, you protect yourself from such unpleasant disease as itch.