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Whether animals can be our doctors?

Animal doctors, myth or reality. Long there are disputes over an occasion of relationship of an animal and the person. Involuntarily the animated film how the person tamed animals occurs. Of course, the first place to abilities to remove irritation, calms and takes off fatigue, by right is ranked to cats.

They well influence us. Sometimes even you notice how the cat tries to settle in that zone of the person which hurts. Stroking a cat, pressure goes down, the nervous system is restored. But also dogs not bad replace cats. What moves an animal?

But it is worth recognizing that the animal is not a healer for all mankind. And its therapeutic abilities extend not to all but only on those people who very much love an animal. Are ready to give for the sake of it all the heat.

But sometimes, there is also it that the animal on the contrary badly influences. Becomes the allergy reason, and even a nervous breakdown. What it comes from. From the fact that once the person made a mistake gave in to temptation of fashion and picked up to itself breed of a dog such which absolutely does not suit it.

The main thing it it is necessary to learn himself and the addictions. To consider the habits and habits of your members of household. One my acquaintance very much wanted to herself the French bulldog. But when she told the reason of the choice, we understood that it most of all will suit a pug.

Can be doctors not only cats or dogs. The nature particle, an island which you created at home treats human soul.

How to explain acts of animals? Not so peculiar to them in the nature. Maybe they know that we forgot

there are doggies which do not concede on heat of the body to a hot-water bottle. These are Italian greyhounds, naked Mexican and Chinese crested dogs. Temperature of their body approaches sometimes 38 degrees.

The people suffering from joint pains radiculitis often say about what rescues their heat which radiates an animal. Such things as the belts, any stockings and mittens weaved from the real wool. Best of all if it is dog wool. Of course, to declare that without ointments and drugs it is possible to recover only thanks to these products, it is impossible. But here the fact that they reduce suffering and kill pain, I can unambiguously declare.

But of course first of all our animals treat our souls. In families where there is a part of the nature presented in the form of a doggie, a cat or a hamster children grow more tender and gentle. Moreover if parents insistently involve the child in process of courting for this animal. Let know that the animal, is not a toy, not a silent being who what does not understand and does not feel.

Also it can be not only an animal. It can be an aquarium, a terrarium, a flower on a window sill. It is not important that. All this gives positive shoots only where they are loved. Do not forget in time to change water, in time to water.

All this helps parents to bring up the full-fledged member of society, first of all. Often we are surprised from where such aggression in our children. And for frequent it came from the fact that in due time parents did not want to buy the child a small shchenochk.

And how many examples when the child dragged to the house of a kitten from the yard. He showed compassion, asked mother to leave it, but mother was not criminal, did not show compassion and then already grown up child will not begin to show compassion not only to animals, but also to the schoolmates. Yes sometimes and to the aged parents.

Be not afraid to give a part of to that doggie. She will answer you with love. Sometimes we refuse to ourselves it, having been frightened of responsibility. Or we will decide that the furniture and our interior are more expensive. That after work it is better to lie on a sofa embracing the panel from the TV, than to walk with a dog on prominat in the evening. Or to embrace not the panel from the TV, and a little kitty. So I think what to declare that animals treat us, it is possible unambiguously. It is already known that our diseases first of all, from a condition of our soul. And the nature corner at your place, well affects this soul.

You treat your souls, good luck and be not afraid of difficulties, the animal will thank you. Will become your doctor unambiguously.