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How to enter an elite party, or Rules of the fashionable party-goer

you tried to enter an elite party sometime? You want that you were loved, respected that you were envied and on you equaled? You are ready to watch constantly yourself, to be in good shape, to look good, to put on fashionably and to constantly correspond to the chosen image and image?

Whether easily to enter an elite party and whether it is necessary for us? It is simple to enter an elite party. But the most important - to keep in it for a long time and not to take off with a shame. If you were let in there and taken for the, and you do not correspond to this level, to you not to see the second chance. Most of party-goers - very interesting, difficult and in too time artful people. You keep them at arm`s length, and they are interested in you, you lay out all the trump cards, and to you interest slowly but surely begins to die away.

What needs to be possessed also what needs to be known to be fashionable and popular? You have to earn decently or all - navsy to be born in a provided family, to know all fashionable and glamourous institutions in the city and to visit them at least two times a week. It is necessary to put on and have fashionably the carefully thought over image and style. If you are uninteresting and did not take place as the personality, then your happening life will last not for long. You have to be aware of the taking place events in the city, know the latest news about all famous people, it is good to understand fashion, to monitor its new trends.

Very often at work we are the simple people who are seldom drawing attention to themselves. But, as soon as there comes night, we appear once again in club or just we go to the bar or banal, but not cheap cafe just to drink a cup of coffee, only not to lose the status and to be aware of all taking place events in the city and the happening world. On us turn around, speak about us, constantly discuss, sometimes and abuse and what to do, here it is popularity You are ready to be the focus of attention and not to get lost on zatvorka of an elite party? If is not present, then you should not even try to get to this world.

In the happening world you will be constantly surrounded by a huge number of rumors and gossips. Will watch the most real you happening sharks which constantly keep all happening world in suspense. If you are lonely, then it is, of course, debate concerning your orientation. With whom you were seen in what circle with whom you spent yesterday much time, it were heterosexualists or people of nonconventional orientation. You want to be at popularity peak? Then these rumors to you on a hand. Will speak about you more often, and learn people about you more. Rumors do not go? Then it is the simplest to create hearing independently, the most important - to spend evening with the most talkative people, it is only necessary to prepare artful phrases in advance, and party-goers will not ignore you the.

You want to shock public - bring bright paints, new fashion trends in the image or give on worry of the public some unusual or even the shocking hearing about yourself. Remember Tolke that will be hot! Emotions run high? So much the better. Not time to cool interest in itself, you not strongly sat down at this whirlpool. So strike a heat, bring the public to boiling, only do not forget to let off steam in time. Do it sometimes, be only sure of all the acts if you began, then you bring the matter or usual hearing to a logical conclusion, then precisely young party-goers will not be able to move you or to accuse of insolvency sharks happening world.

At such communication in these circles it will be very difficult or, I will even tell differently, it is almost impossible to find true friends. In you and in people around all see danger. All are kept in suspense and hold each other at a certain distance. Suddenly you will find out useful information about the person and use it for the good to yourself thus to bring yourself to new level? Remember that rumors and gossips are only entertainment, it is necessary just to live and derive pleasure from life, without doing a fashionable party by a way of life.