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What is Clever house ?

for anybody not a secret that in recent years high rates of development of the branches connected with high technologies remain. Every day presents to scientists of opening, many them which by efforts of businessmen and marketing specialists turn into the new useful goods which are built a close formation in brochures and on shelves of shops. The powerful computers, multipurpose office equipment, household appliances seeming the day before yesterday something absolutely fantastic were available for sale yesterday, and today are norm or even already slightly became outdated. Such prompt growth frightens someone, and it is pleasant to someone - a matter of taste, but it is the fact with which you want, you do not want, it is necessary to be considered.

Today it would be desirable to concern one of products of high technologies which was some kind of flag of HI - revolution TECH - systems of the " type; clever house . Which of us did not become engrossed in reading in the childhood of fantastic stories where heroes lived in houses which were almost animated and carried out all orders of owners even if the last were on other end of the Galaxy. Not so long ago " systems; clever house began to appear also in reality at the disposal of very wealthy people. At first in the USA, Japan, and then and in Europe, Russia.

These houses, of course, were not as full-function as in fantastic novels, however they automated considerable part of daily small cares of owners - regulated temperature and humidity, included - switched off devices in the set time, etc. Until recently these systems remained something absolutely inaccessible for simple people. At the very beginning of conversation with the organizations specializing in their installation round sums, and the estimate of the simplest " were already called; clever house on average, varied from 20 to 50 thousand green . And it is only works on providing a technical aspect of a question, and stroitelno - installation works, pushed a total cost of the project far for hundred thousand dollars.

Such long introduction with an ulterior motive, as emergence in Russia systems of the " type; clever house at the cost less than 1000 (and if to be exact even less than 500 dollars) roused me to creation of this release.

The other day my good acquaintances from the St. Petersburg firm reported that they carry to Russia systems, available at the price, - devices which allow each of us to turn the house in clever . It is not necessary to involve the expert to installation of system - everything can be made independently. And as a result you have almost improbable opportunities!

Having installed such system, you will be able: to watch the house (or office) on the Internet from an every spot on the globe, to operate any electric devices also on the Internet or teams from the mobile phone. Besides, installation carries out security functions and functions on automation of the house - you can program a certain operations procedure as reaction to any events.

For example, the motion sensor which is included in the package of system worked and, voila, the signal came to police, having reproduced in advance written down disturbing the message, along with it and the host received the SMS, turned on the light in the apartment and photographed troublemaker . The taken pictures at the same time can immediately be watched on the Internet.

Of course, situations of this sort, fortunately, are rare. But the clever system is useful as well in usual peaceful life. Surprise the girl - on the way home turn on the coffee car in kitchen of one short SMS - team. Coming back from a trip - activate the home conditioner in advance - in the apartment you will be waited by a pleasant microclimate. And in what the main plus of system: options of application and practical decisions with participation of system are actually infinite and limited only to the imagination of the user.

There are such affairs. Tomorrow approaches us with great strides.