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How to become the best friend to the husband?

would Seem, the simple question how to be the best friend for the beloved husband? sometimes nonpluses us. And irrespective of age and the social status, all of us, women, are afraid to lose the husband. I Offer

several practical councils which, I hope, you will be helped. So, to business.

of 1. To it be attentive.

the Basis of a true friendship is a care of wellbeing of other person and ability to show the love and appreciation.

Also skills of communication and good manners, for example, ability to listen readily matter, without interrupting. People like those with whom they feel well. If you are angry on the girlfriend, then can cease to communicate for a while with her until your irritation settles. But as if you were irritated by the husband from - for the fact that he forgot to put into place a garbage can, in the evening you all the same should have supper together, and to go to bed with it at night. Therefore, despite difficulty, be polite.

of 2. Control the emotions.

the Family takes away a huge number of energy. Energy leaves also on being a friend to your spouse. And by then, when you switch attention at each other by the end of the next long day, both of you are devastated.

You can think: He is my husband. Unless I am not able to afford to be tired and pokapriznichat, being sure what he will love me all the same? . Yes and no. When you are irritable in communication with the husband, you, as a matter of fact, tell him it two things. In - the first: I trust you enough so to behave with you and in - the second: I will reconcile if you behave also .

But here is concealed danger. Often women are much more critical treat the husbands, than friends. But unless the person whom we swore to love both in pleasure, and in the mountain does not deserve, at least, the same attention?

of 3. You study patience.

to you needs to be decided for itself that your purpose - to be tolerant, and to try to achieve it. To achieve such objective, it is necessary to train so, for example, as though you want to become the good swimmer, for this purpose it is necessary to work properly, crossing from the end of the pool in other its end not once.

In other words, you have to train. Train to be attentive when you are not located to it. Train to be silent when you want to tell something sharp. I think, married women, of course, will understand what there is a speech about.

over time you actually will become more tolerant, easier in communication. As keeping to a diet should not hold sweets of the house, and you have to eliminate leakage of good mood which will complicate achievement of your purpose.

of 4. Acquire its language.

Despite weakening recently of traditional roles, men still express themselves mainly through the work.

If, suppose, your husband comes home upset and tells you that the chief did not react to his detailed report in any way, then fear can be the valid cause of his chagrin that he does not cope with work. And you probably want to learn true reason . And it can just cause the return reaction: your husband, most likely, will become reserved. However, showing it the openness, support and interest, you can create such atmosphere that he will want to unburden the heart.

on the other hand, maybe so that when your husband speaks about work, it really means only it. But also here the first rule of friendship - to listen.

is much better to be charming and sincere, than to reproduce verbal templates and stereotypes. During communication your husband has to feel that his inner world is not indifferent for you: admire his ideas and thoughts if they deserve that!

of 5. Do not complicate its problems.

If affairs of your girlfriend go badly, you can sympathize because her problems - not your problems. But when something wrong happens to your spouse, it concerns you too. You begin to exhaust it questions: How it happened? What are you going to do? also you believe that it you show participation, but actually you want that the husband calmed you. And he already regrets at this time that he trusted in you. Even if you are frightened of

, then nevertheless the most reasonable - to constrain the emotions. As the husband can take your emotional flash for a sign of selfishness and insufficient support.

the Woman who really is the best friend of the husband, understands and works as it needs it in time, difficult for it. It has to be in the center of its attention.

The friendship means respect. The love surely has to be present, but the friendship will transform love to vital partnership. And it what makes a good family happy.