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What they, underwater terminators?

the First-ever underwater robot with computer management was created in 1968 in Leningrad. Now any more especially you will surprise nobody with robots. Though...

The chief developer and the consumer of underwater robots is the military fleet. Notice, search of the sunk nuclear submarines was the first test for underwater robots. And where you will find such submarines in merchant fleet? But robots can not only rescue, but also attack. To them, robots, all the same.

Robots - the intelligence agents equipped with the weapon not to mention ultrasonic hearing and chemical nose shoot without miss, are afraid of nothing and, the main thing, never contradict the commander who is from them for hundreds of kilometers. Enormous independence of similar devices strikes, they attack also without additional order.

On the robotic submarine there are no people that allows to simplify extremely its design, to make it tiny, and, so more reserved. And all those military functions which are carried out now by huge steel leviathans will carry out in the future flocks of almost imperceptible small fishes - robots. It is very difficult to defend when suddenly attack you at the same time from all directions. By the way, in the press the version expressed that an ill-fated nuclear submarine Kursk just also underwent attack of such robot. But this hypothesis and remained unproven. And here is how robots participated in inspection sunk Kursk all of you could see on the TV.

From - for small weight robots - submarines can be flown in quickly to the place of military operations. Really such way of delivery is fulfilled on robots - sappers. In test raid they were dumped from the plane at east coast of the USA, and they right there were accepted to search, identification and neutralization of the mines which remained even since World War II.

Hunting behind mines is the main occupation of military underwater robots now. One of such robots by the name of REMUS - Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS - participated in the last Iraqi operation.

When we speak " robot; involuntarily we imagine a clumsy humanoid monster. Actually they can be any form. The main thing that that did not disturb, and even helped the robot to carry out the function. Operating experience of robots showed that those which imitate this or that marine animal best of all work. Thanks to evolution these forms in the best way promote a survival in sea depths. Most often, robots imitate fishes - torpedoes have the form.

Robots - sappers have more bizzare shape - they copy arthropods - crabs, lobsters, scorpions. Their numerous extremities allow them to move quickly as by land, and on a seabed, to bypass obstacles. Low located center of gravity and tenacious paws do not allow waves to overturn the car. If it happens, she turns over in the correct situation.

Robots find mines by means of sensors on to a smell in difficult cases the robot can always to consult with the operator.

By the way, to fighting robots are not so necessary it is hefty clever brains. Millions of years of 99% of the population of the globe very quietly did without it, and nothing, all these millions of years continuously devoured similar. To kill, many brains are not necessary. They are rather necessary to survive. For this reason the mass of cars with the low " level participates in military operations; intelligence capable to carry out only a limited circle of tasks. They are cheap, so, they can be made in a huge number and it is easy to endow them.

Robots - ideal soldiers. Will order to be at war - will be at war. But from it it will become easier for us not. To be at war - that they will be with us, people. The specialists who are exercising the wit in development of destruction similar seriously consider that military operations have to happen to the minimum participation of the person, and even without it. Armies of the world arm thinking by cars. Only in the Pentagon 28,5 thousand scientists in 84 laboratories work on this problem. And worldwide?

It is not a fantasy, alas. It already exists, and already works.