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How to change the life. New Russian roulette.

to Drink beer in the winter in Moscow - pleasure from the category nizhnesredny. The cold neck, apparently, here - here will stick to lips, the penetrating wind carries away a wave of pleasure and is spat by snow flakes.

Seemed, come into any snack bar, them in the capital a dime a dozen now, or if with money strained, in an entrance, and drink to yourself in pleasure. So not. Russian extreme. Or masochism.

I all life so. To Egypt that year went. Saved half-lives for the permit and though who would tell what in July could not be done there. A heat, as in foundry shop where I in youth earned additionally later, and often and instead of occupations at institute.

Or here when married. Did not know that I undersign with the beautiful, intellectual young lady, and it is necessary to live in twenty years with the woman suspiciously similar to that that sat at a wedding opposite and, recalculating guests and tableware, loudly shouted:

- Hot, hot give. Not to be enough two portions! there is no

, I reconciled long ago. Forty one years. Children grew up, the wife grew old, the position of the chief of department of publishing house and with that became peak of career, that look, will throw off young and impudent.

Here also I drink beer with Mishka Ambartsumyan, the old friend since school times. Mishka in the building, neighboring to us, works. Some there manager.

- How Daw, children?

- is normal, and yours?

- Too. Let`s light, and a pack at work forgot that.

And so day by day ten years. The house - the subway - work - beer - the subway - the house. Holiday in the village. One year at my parents, the second - at it. No, I do not complain. Children here. Lenka went to a third year of aviation, Lenka this year gathers for medical. If only on budgetary got, and I will not pull that.

Is fine, it is time to disperse.

- So far.

- So far.

Went down, on Kuznetsky Bridge, along book bazaars. To the people - anybody. Cold. One sellers of a sheepskin coat muffle up in fur coats yes. To me to hurry to anything, I go to covers I get accustomed. All bright as my chief, and you will take in hand and a full zilch.

Why I paid attention to this book, already and I do not remember. Probably, from - at the prices. Thousand hundred rubles. Wow! Week it is possible to live.

Book of your destiny . Yes, name pretentious. Also weighs as that BSE. Opened. Mother my native! One blank sheets. Five hundred pages of absolutely white paper. However, the output data is. It is printed in printing house of. St. Petersburg. Circulation - ten thousand copies. The publishing house, the publishing editor, even the proofreader are specified, and there is no text. Miracles and only. Decided to ask the seller. I raise eyes - there is a sheepskin coat separated from a huge cap with ear-flaps by the misted points.

- E - e, dear, having hardly defined a sex of the seller, I stretched, - you will not prompt in what a trick. I feel that you make a fool, but as, I cannot understand.

Between a sheepskin coat and a cap after points appeared the become covered with hoarfrost beard.

- I Congratulate, mister good. You had unique chance to define the future!

So, - I think, - the literary flimflammer got. It is time to do legs .

But the seller already strong held me for a sleeve.

- the Last copy. You were fantastically lucky. It is the book, amazing on the influence. From all others it is distinguished that the reader himself is a writer. That is, at first you have to write it, and then can if, of course, want, and read yourself written. I clear explain.

- Is sensible, sensible, - only release a hand, please.

the Seller weakened a grasp and compassionately zanyl a little.

- Really grudges for you such scanty sum to learn the future.

- Of course, is a pity. And how I recognize him?

- the Book will prompt everything. So you take or not?

At this moment from - for backs arose some unpleasant subject of small growth with a big nose wart. He pushed me in a back and shouted to the seller.

- Tell, Book of your destiny is on sale?

- Is, here only if mister before you does not take. The last copy remained. Vsyupartiya in a week was bought up.

Ya reached for a purse. The subject with a wart instantly disappeared.

- Well, I will take. But, as to use it.

the Seller became courtesy. - Allow

, I will pack into a bag. The instruction in three languages is attached to the book. Russian, Arab and Hindi. You, will arrange.

Of course, is especially important that is also in Hindi.

- By the way if there are questions, address, - the seller stretched the business card.

Ivan Osipovich Offenbach. Seller of happiness, etc. Professor .

- To the fact that you professor also sell happiness - I am already ready to reconcile, but what it, etc.?

- And other accompanying goods. You come, you come still, - the seller, having received money, literally pushed out me away from a counter.


Destiny - the villain, life - kopek. Houses nobody was. Children somewhere hung out, the wife left to the mother-in-law even in the morning. I welded pelmeni, got from the refrigerator the started small bottle Capital . After three shot glasses decided.

Got the book from a package, opened and at once remembered about the instruction. It was the ordinary sheet of paper, such earlier in dry-cleaners gave out together with the spoiled sheepskin coat. The instruction said:

LLC Happiness thanks for acquisition of our goods. At the correct use you can change the destiny in the shortest possible time.

are strictly forbidden actions contrary to this instruction.

1. Open the book.

2. Take the bookmark which is exactly in the middle of the book both put and divide it into two parts: past and future.

3. The first part - the past. You have to fill it most sincerely. Attention! The part the past is filled only with a gel pen of blue color.

4. The second part - the future. You write any wishes. It is filled - only with a pencil.

At observance of all above-mentioned conditions, you will find out soon that all your wishes come true.

P. S. After filling the book needs to be initiated. Once again we thank for purchase and we hope for further cooperation.

Director of " publishing house; Happiness - I. O. Offenbach.

Yes, I got into scrape. It is a pity for money to snivels. Parted as the boy. If only Galina did not learn. Drank still a shot glass and thought:

There is nothing to Lose. From the publisher it is necessary to turn into the writer . Went to the daughter to the room, hardly found a blue gel pen. Remembered when to us there came the Chinese delegation, all contracts were signed by such handle. It, on their concepts, for ages.

Then arose a problem with a bookmark. How to divide the past and the future if I am still living. Thought, thought and put it after the first page. Began to write.

I, Valery Egorovich Sukhonky was born on January 13, 1964, on Friday. In a family sovsluzhashchy .

All my past went in exactly on one page. Forty one years lived, and to write - that and nothing. Nightmare.

Future wrote shortly: I Want to be rich, happy and to leave off smoking

is farther, judging by the instruction, the book needed to be initiated. As, no half-word was told. I got from the top shelf of clothes the pack hidden from Galina Java . Lit and became to think.

There passed week. In my life anything did not change. The house - the subway - work - beer - the subway - the house. Decided to tell, about this history to Mishka Ambartsumyan.

That laughed.

- You, in - the first, a bookmark - that where put? After the first page. That is found room for all past in one sheet of paper, and all future in 499? The burdock, is felt arts education at once. That is decided to live, - here Mishka closed eyes and began to do mental arithmetic, - 2000. Idiot. In - the second, for certain embellished the past. In the third. What means to be rich and happy? The wealth still can be measured in rubles or other currency. And happiness? What you will measure it in. In smiles? If the book listened to you, then at you now, for example, there would be one million dollars, and you constantly would smile. City madman.

- What, the whole day smiled?

- For the rest of the life. Well though did not initiate the book. By the way, if you want to leave off smoking, then throw. What the book - that trifles to load. - Listen to

Mishka and from where you know all this. - I got cigarettes.

- You, probably, on Kuznetsk bought the book?

- Yes.

- the Man such in a sheepskin coat, professor of a surname Offenbach to you put off it?

- Precisely.

- And type with nose wart in a back pushed?

- Pushed. Listen, I did not understand, you bought such book too?

- Bought - did not buy, not important, go and remake everything. The past add still sheets two hundred - three hundred and correct the future. Yes, you initiate the book in blow to a table.

There passed a week more. I made everything as Mishka advised. But again nothing changed. The house - the subway - work - beer - the subway - the house.

- I am an idiot, You are an idiot, Offenbach - clever. Earns money. - I stated all this to Ambartsumyan.

That took offense.

- Eh, Sukhonky, Sukhonky. You understood nothing. What wrote the future with?

- the Pencil as to instructions it is written.

- And is necessary the handle. Gel, only surely new. Got that.

- So forbids instructions.

- you Know, I all life worked at a factory and I know that it not to follow instructions. But I in the same way know that sometimes it is necessary to spit on everything and to work contrary to all instructions and resolutions. - Listen to

if you such clever, then tell, itself - what in the book wrote.

- Nothing, I threw out it. At once, as guessed that the handle instead of a pencil should be taken.

We drank up beer.

- So far.

- So far.

And I went down Kuznetsky Bridge. In shop of a stationery.