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What do we know about bananas?

B far 327 B.C. Alexander of Macedon as a sign of acceptance of new belief ate banana in India. This fact, important for history, says that, in - the first, bananas are known long since, in - the second, not only are known, but also are esteemed, time were used in rituals and, in - the third what they are tasty - unless the grand conqueror would begin to eat any muck?!

Bananas, really, patriarchs of cultural plants. A sort they from Africa where were cultivated for two and a half thousand years B.C. Then they moved to the Southern India. Buddiyky monks wrote about them in the 6th century B.C. Four hundred years later there were first banana plantations in China. And there - went - went. As it is easy to replace bananas, and even the dry stalk gets accustomed, they began to grow everywhere soon. Even in America where they were delivered by the priest Tomas de Berlanca.

Now bananas grow in tropics and subtropics worldwide, but are cultivated mainly in the South and Central America. For it the Latin American countries also got a nickname of the banana republics. They grow and in our latitudes, in Altai and in Stavropol Territory. But only as experiment. 120 countries of the world annually grow up 95 million tons of bananas. It more than on 15 kg of bananas on a nose, including babies.

There are bananas edible, and is and not really. Some inedible bananas use in the technical purposes, for example, for receiving so-called Manila hemp, bags for tea, or for production special the master - films for the " photocopiers; Risograph . Others are excellent ornamental plants. And edible use, well - guess for what? Correctly, they are eaten. And, up to the 19th century, a fir-tree not only fruits, but also rhizomes of bananas. From them received flour and baked bread. A quarter of the calories consumed in Africa are bananas.

Imagine that you go down the street, and you wanted as speak, to have a bite. You do not want to go to cafe, you hurry, ice cream is impossible, it is possible to catch a cold, jotas - a mastiff or sausage roll to you already across a throat - let our class enemies eat these toshnotik. And here before you - about a miracle, a tray with bananas. Ripe banana is the most useful that can be eaten on the run. They are nutritious. Five - six bananas can replace a full-fledged lunch. The pulp of banana contains 16% of sugar. Them it is a little vitamins B, but minerals, especially potassium, they are rich. So if at you serdchishko plays pranks, a hypertension or high irritability - eat bananas, they are especially necessary for you. Speak, it is even enough one bananchik a day to avoid a heart attack.

In some countries bananas are called happiness fruit - very much in them some mysterious components raising a tone and mood. It is pleasant to eat them at the inflamed mucous membrane of a mouth, they are useful at stomach ulcer, diseases of a liver and kidneys. The American scientists assure that they strengthen nervous system and exert beneficial effect on skin. And in Japan the real banana boom after a number of publications that bananas prevent dotage began, improve sight and treat cancer. Eventually, bananas are simply tasty.

Buying bananas, you remember that the ripest, and, so and the most tasty bananas are in a banana brush, but not outside. The grayish shade of banana demonstrates that it peremerz, is better not to take it. Also do not take green bananas - if they from you and will ripen, without having deteriorated, taste at them will be slightly worse.

All there are more than 400 grades of bananas of 60 - 70 types. Among edible there are apple bananas, the Chinese bananas, ladies` fingers red bananas and bananas for cooking. Grades " are most known; Groce Michel and Cavendish .

Prakticheskivezda at us is sold by the long yellow clusters - we get the most tasteless, fodder bananas. Sometimes, very seldom, it is possible to buy dwarfish bananas. They makhonky and very sweet. They and are called - sugar " bananas; baby . Do not sell at us and green color apple bananas, with pronounced taste of apple. At us in general nobody heard about red bananas - they do not maintain transportation. So if you want in all growth to enjoy bananas, it is necessary to go on a visit to monkeys.