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Whether will win will win against concrete?

All know that it is impossible to drill an opening in a concrete wall a usual drill, it becomes instant stupid, and only slides on concrete.

Concrete is one of the most tenacious materials. It is necessary to drill it drills with specially welded on hard-alloy plates, or as they at us are called, pobeditovy drills. The first hard-alloy material created in the USSR in 1929 on the basis of a composite from carbide of tungsten and cobalt carried the proud name will win . This name became nominal, and drills with any hard-alloy nozzles by inertia call pobeditovy.

Usually hard-alloy plate is attached to the drill case by means of the soldering. In the course of work the tool heats up, durability of the soldering decreases, and the plate can come off a drill. Therefore the last needs to be cooled periodically.

At the latest drills instead of the soldering use laser welding. Such drills maintain heating to temperature of 1200 C, so, them it is possible to drill with greater speed.

Significantly also the structure of a hard-alloy plate changed. Along with carbide of tungsten apply carbides and nitrides of the titan, silicon, pine forest.

But also pobeditovy drills hardly cope with concrete. Drilling process considerably accelerates if the rotary motion of a drill is supplemented vozvratno - forward (blows). Concrete in a point of blow cracks with it, and it becomes easier to drill. Best of all to apply special drills of shock action which provide the optimum mode of drilling - punching of openings to drilling of concrete.

To accelerate process of drilling and to keep a pobeditovy drill, advise every 10 - 15 seconds drillings to take out a drill, to insert a firm core into an opening, the fulfilled drill is possible just the same by the sizes, but and to do on it 2 - 3 blows by the hammer. Something similar occurs if to grind a hard-alloy drill asymmetrically - will drill concrete it much quicker.

Extremely strong drills with hard-alloy inserts, nevertheless, are not suitable for drilling of soft materials, and even for drilling of usual steel. Therefore if you in the course of drilling of concrete come across reinforcing rods, arise a serious problem. Sharply drill temperature increases. Modern high-quality drills are steady against an overheat and are capable to drill also fittings. In other cases it is necessary to replace a drill on concrete with a drill on metal.

The angle of sharpening of drills with hard-alloy plates can make from 118 to 130 .

For increase of speed of drilling sometimes use hard-alloy plates with cloves on the cutting edge. Special sharpening of a plate under a negative corner allows to reduce as much as possible vibrations at an initial stage of drilling, gives the chance to drill any material, whether it be steel, granite, concrete, glass and even a tree which the ordinary pobeditovy tool is senseless for drilling, it only slides.

The house master, as a rule, does not need to drill many openings. And for the sake of them you should not buy the special expensive tool, and then to puff over each opening, hardly mastering new technology. It is simpler to it to entrust this business to professionals who for a small payment quickly, accurately, without noise and dust will drill to you necessary openings. It is so convenient service that the great demand on it generated emergence of a set of the small enterprises specializing in a punched hole of openings. We recommend to use their services.