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Visualization - whether what is it?

Used to you to be noticed that our thoughts are capable to materialize? Let`s tell, you thought of something, and it also happened? Or made a wish on New Year`s Eve under peal of bells, and it came true? For certain everyone can remember similar cases in the life.

Why does that happen? The mere coincidence or something another - mysterious, come from where - that from grandmother`s tales of a treasured chest and a magic pocket mirror? How it is possible to explain it?

What we represent voluntarily or on coercion (we are afraid of something, we remember and we analyze told by other person), is called visualization. Recently this word is rather distributed, but the few know what it means and as works.

Visualization - very powerful tool for achievement of the purpose. People used this tool from time immemorial and achieved just stunning results.

, It seems, mysticism, huh? I do not know, also the mysticism can, but It works! I cannot explain as, but the facts - a thing stubborn. The trouble is that there will be a little people who openly would admit that they practice visualization of the desirable. They can be understood, the non-standard of behavior is fraught with labeling, and not the most flatter.

Psychologists explain visualization so: when the person begins to imagine any event (not important that - purchase of the TV or a trip to Prague), at the subconscious level it has a desire by all means to execute it. Logically the person can understand that for execution of desire it has neither money, nor time, nor at all opportunities now. But subconsciousness already joined, it already looks for ways and options of achievement of the purpose.

Further - it is more! The person takes paper and writes down the desire (or many desires). This it as if materializes the purpose - here it, the TV, let on paper, but - that it is already possible to touch paper! Here, it seems as, there is also no thing, and, it seems as, it is. Very powerful push for consciousness - bright transition from the desirable to valid.

In conclusion, usually, write: I so want, so it also will be! - it is already similar to auto-suggestion. Watched sometime movies about boxers? Before the exit to a ring the trainer gives the necessary spirit to the fighter: You - the best! You will win! You will tear it as the Jolly-boat a hot-water bottle! As a chimpanzee - the encyclopedia! Wet you will not leave the place! You are a champion! Repeat after me: I am a champion! I am a champion! More loudly! More distinctly! I am a champion! . And the boxer wins against roofing felts from such spirit, roofing felts from the physical data or technical skills.

So psychologists comment on success of visualization. The psychology - science very inexact, is based it on materialism, in principle the accepts nothing mystical. Explains practically all phenomena on Earth occurring with the participation of Homo Sapiens. Whether judgments of psychologists are fair, I cannot tell. In my opinion, they and will not tell it as they are so indistinct and, sometimes, their arguments are so unconvincing that only very tactful person will not begin to challenge them.

Mystics claim that visualization is the powerful signal sent by a brain of the person to the Highest Forces. It is the Principal Reason, it very kind and always wants to help. It needs only an occasion and a request of the person. It is considered that practicing visualization of the desirable, we, thereby, accelerate process of achievement of the purpose. And making for this purpose a minimum of efforts.

Personally I cannot tell who is right: psychologists or mystics, but I cannot deny the fact of effectiveness of visualization - itself tried and read letters of other people which tried too.

Anyway, but also you should try it! If helps much, then why will not help you?! Surely will help!

Do not think of bad, think only about good and it will come to you!